Phantom degree of Minister Calderone. The latest outburst of “Libero” to defend her: “Hackers have changed her profile”

Scoop of Free: they hacked the minister’s profile, call the services. Not finding serious arguments or newspapers to defend her, Minister Calderone – who on Tuesday in the courtroom leaves the task to Undersecretary Mantovano – receives help from the “friend” print. Italy Today he shouted in the pillory, even evoking Marco Biagi; except omitting that for years the labor consultants led by her husband Rosario De Luca have been editing pages of the economic newspaper. To frame the speech of Feltri’s sheet that yesterday even credited a cyber attack to the online encyclopaedia to insert the false degree in Cagliari useful for the “campaign of the Fact to destabilize the minister”. But it is only thanks to the “balls of the Fact” that the page now shows the real title, never declared by the minister, achieved at the Link Campus Universitythat of the top management on the stand for the “easy exams”, where, moreover, he has invested 15 million euros of labor consultants. The alarm in tissue form is not signed by a journalist, it is probably a pseudonym. He was so convinced of the defense line.

The dances were opened by “Italia Oggi”. On February 18, that is the day after the first article, with a “close-up” he shouted at the “mudslide on the minister and on the professional category”. Third-party defense entrenches behind innocent professionals the presumed misdeeds of the top management, even when it doesn’t exactly work to their advantage. What’s more, she manages to evoke the ghost of Marco Biagi (“Stop before the coarse words they become projectiles it is a civil duty). The sortie is so urgent that it does not give the reader an account of a detail: for years the body led by De Luca has been responsible for the two pages of Italia Oggi on Tuesdays.

“Woe to touch the pentastellato check, you end up in meat mincer from the Travaglio grill”, Feltri’s sheet read yesterday. It is to be hoped that this is not the story that will be served next Tuesday to the opposition parliamentarians who, in the wake of the revelations of the Fact and the minister’s lack of explanations, have asked her to answer for the alleged conflicts of interest and the management of the National Council of work which she presided over for 18 years (now led by her husband). La Calderone does not put his face on it: as told by Fatto, he will be the undersecretary to the Prime Minister Alfredo Mantovano to answer the barrage of questions. In the meantime, however, another “friendly” press is wearing a helmet.

While accrediting “balls of the Fact on Calderone” Libero’s article manages to argue that asurvey “doesn’t exist”. The Deputy Attorney General of the Court of Auditors will be relieved of this Massimo Perin who – he himself confirmed to Fatto – has collected a series of complaints filed since 2019 (the last one dates back to last December), deemed them “suitable for further investigation” so much so that he then delegated the Fiamme Gialle to investigate. There are no questions, only certainties: the two foundations? They were not artfully created to contain employees below the threshold of 15 and thus be able to dispose of them more freely. He knows it, not the judge who is still called to ascertain it on the basis of a contested dismissal for this reason.

But the lawyer disguised as a journalist does more. Citing the case of the phantom degree, the one that the minister never declares in her CV, she credits the incredible: “perhaps to create the case, half an hour after the announcement of the position someone hacked the minister’s page by entering a degree at Cagliari actually never achieved almost to favor, lo and behold, the self-styled scoop of the Fact “. In short, between one attack on NATO and another, hackers, perhaps Russian perhaps Chinese, would have acted against the minister. The news is sensational. Strange not to find traces of it elsewhere, nothing is found at Aisi. You have to trust Wikipedia, which replies the obvious: “The platform is open source, anyone can modify it and therefore there is no need for attacks to convey incorrect information. The changes that are gradually made to an item then remain traces in the history that can be consulted freely”.

And in fact, finally, only thanks to the “balls of the Fact” the page now correctly reports the real title achieved. Not in Cagliari as they also reported The print, The newspaper and others, but in Rome. The author rightly does not wonder why Calderone never declared it in its curricula (from Finmeccanica to the profile on the ministry’s website), in the face of not one but two degrees obtained at Link Campus University, the exam office par excellence with top management still at the bar for “easy degrees”. And again, why on earth did he give a spade to Fatto’s request to consult the booklet exam telematics. The fearsome hackers will have deleted it.

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