"PH (We can talk)": Andy Kusnetzoff’s guests on Saturday, November 26

Since the Qatar 2022 World Cup began, many celebrities showed their support for the Argentine National Team and decided to travel to the Middle Eastern country to be closer to the festivities, one of them was Andy Kusnetzoff. the driver of “PH (We Can Talk)” He decided to leave several recorded programs and thus be able to continue with his work responsibilities, while taking a few days off.

Watch the video of Damián Betular in “PH (Podemos Hablar)”!

As reported the pavada of Daily Chroniclethe celebrities who will be accompanying him on Saturday, November 26, have already met, after the match between Argentina and Mexico. There they will be present Sabrina Carballo, who said that he had to see a psychologist after his participation in “The hotel of the famous”, Lucilla “The Torah”, the recently eliminated from “Big Brother”, Mariana Genecio Pena, Nancy Pazos Y Marcelo Polino.

Likewise, Andy Kusnetzoff also recorded the program on Saturday, December 3 since he will still be traveling. That is why he had to advance work and in that case he decided to invite barbie simons, Philip Colombo, Iliana Calabro Y Juan Palominowho will join the cast of “Sex” after his participation in the Diego Maradona seriesY Marina Lezcano.

In this case, the driver of “PH (We Can Talk)” could not invite the sixth eliminated from “Big Brother” like he does every weekend. This is because he had to record the show well in advance. and so far the participants did not nominate, as well as the nominees of the week are unknown.

The participants of “Big Brother” watching the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

Within a few hours, the participants of “Big Brother” will know who are the contestants who are at risk of leaving the most famous house in the country. In any case, Thiago You will have the chance to save one of them since you became the new leader.

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