Petya Dikova put the family ahead of work

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21 November 2021, 16:00

Petya Dikova cannot be happy with her luck. The presenter created a close-knit family with the writer Ilian Lyubomirov, she also started professionally – she returned to the air as one of the faces of the show “This Saturday and Sunday” on BTV.The journalist says that in recent years she has rearranged her priorities and no longer puts television first, although she loves her job very much. For her at this stage the family is the most important and she is grateful that Lyubomirov is part of it. “I have been dreaming of such a man since I was a child. I used to realize that the day would come when the phone would stop ringing, and the projectors in the studio would go out.” they call her the closest.She has repeatedly told the story of her acquaintance with Ilian, which started on a social network. He was the first to write her a message, but she did not reply until a year and a half later. She hadn’t done it before because she thought he was committed. “I saw on Facebook that he was engaged and I ignored him. As a result, it turned out that this was some kind of joke with his colleague – the poet Rene Karabash. They weren’t married, but they decided it was fun to write like that. Then it happened that I voiced his verses in the TV material for him. In this video, he shared that he likes stuffed peppers and muzzles. I told the editor, who knew him: “Tell him that the green food is not my strength, but he will not stay hungry. After that, he invited me for tea “, Dikova returns the ribbon of memories.From that moment on, the two are inseparable. To this day, they are still united and enjoy their children – Alexander, 2, and Ilian, Jr., who will soon be 1. “I don’t know what others need to be happy. I need my husband, our conversations, intimacy, humor, even small quarrels, the constructor on the floor, the stain of the puree, the microphone for the air, the meetings with my parents and friends. The boys are in the lead roles, but as in any good show, there are many minor ones “, shares the daughter of Anya Pencheva and Sasho Dikov.Before conceiving for the first time, Petya had health problems and even feared that there would be complications with the wear and tear of the fetus. She has never hidden that she suffers from Hashimoto’s disease, which mainly affects women of reproductive age and can cause a number of problems. Affected patients have been found to have difficulty conceiving and have an increased incidence of miscarriages associated with thyroid dysfunction and general immune imbalance.Dikova was aware of all the risks of her illness, so she could not find a place to worry. Although she monitored her condition with a specialist and controlled it with medication, she did not dare to become pregnant for fear for a long time.The disease begins gradually, with no symptoms at first. Then come the typical problems that accompany thyroid disease – fatigue, distraction, palpitations, tinnitus, sweating, bloating. All these complaints also appeared in Petya, who was exhausted until she was given the correct diagnosis. Improvement did not occur until she began taking tablets in a form to compensate for the lack of hormones in her body.Fortunately, the presenter had the great support of her husband Ilian, who was convinced that their attempts at a baby would be successful. He is also not thrifty on compliments and likes to publicly praise his partner. “I have always dreamed of having a big and close-knit family. Thank you, Petya, for being my dream come true! I am happy! ”, The poet addressed his wife. Although they have two children, they still do not think about marriage, but do not rule out the possibility that this may happen in the future.

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