Petra Špalková from the series Shadows in the Mist: She lost her child three times

The actress struggled for divorce, causing her huge psychological problems. “My first husband indicated to me that our marriage was not working because of me. That I carry in it and create problems, “she said after years Špalková.

Feelings of guilt

“I didn’t realize at the time that this was a typical manipulator procedure, and it was very convincing, so he was able to arouse the proper guilt in me. He convinced me that all the mistakes of our marriage fall on my scales, “the actress confided in a very open confession. “So I decided to do something about it and look for an expert to discuss it with me. I then visited him regularly for three quarters of a year, “Špalková revealed in the book Queen of Terror or Panic Disorder by psychiatrist Radkin Honzák (83). She was supposed to be one of the godparents of his latest publication Depression is not a depka, but they apologize for work reasons.

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Purification ritual

The mental disorder and constant stress deprived her of her baby three times during her pregnancy, there was a so-called silent pregnancy, when the fetus dies at an early stage of development, but unlike miscarriage, it is not expelled from the body. Petra slowly gave up the idea that she would ever become a mother. The three-time holder of the Czech Lion stopped trying for a descendant and was thinking about adoption. Eventually, she succumbed to paranormal practices and underwent a cleansing ritual with a shaman.

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