Petra Janů: Unpaid debt to Gott

“And I’m damn nervous. I would like to sing Time of Roses so that Karel can praise me again. I’m afraid now, “ said Aha! Petra. The Time of Roses with lyrics by Rostislav Černý († 78) was Slavík’s favorite song. A song of passion and betrayal by Delilah from 1967 Gott he chose Tom Jones (82) in his repertoire and sang it at almost every concert.

How does the singer Petra Janů live in Dejvice, Prague?

Petra sang it to Gott on his 60th birthday, and he sincerely applauded and praised her. Therefore, in return, when Petra celebrated sixty years, he brought a singer of red roses to Lucerna. “I will never forget that he gave me a chance to return to the stage after the car accident and I was a guest on his Christmas concert tour in 1996. Karel sold out Lucerne four times in a row at that time and I am very proud to have been there, “ Petra remembered.

It is clear that he wants to get Karl’s attention back then. “Well, he made me most happy ten years ago when he came to wish me with that beautiful bouquet of roses. Of course, I didn’t expect it then, nobody told me anything in advance. I was moved a lot, I shed a tear. And I miss Karel, I miss him a lot. That’s why I feel a huge responsibility for that song Time of the Roses. “

A triple tragedy in the family of Petra Janů! And Absalom paid the debts for Horn

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