Petr Štěpánek in Cases of the 1st Department: FROM VILLAIN TO ELITE POLICE OFFICER!

The creators of the new Cases – the former head of the Prague murder party Josef Mareš (58) and journalist Jan Malinda (40) – wanted to portray the corrupt investigator Tům, who in the 1990s contributed to solving the Orlic murders, but got involved with the Russian mafia, again Falcon. But their plan did not work.

Special mask

For filming purposes, Sokol would have to age by 30 years. That wouldn’t be a problem. Artistic makeup artist David Šesták had already devised a special mask. But there was a stumbling block in her! “Ondřej was interested in the role, but it would take several hours to create the mask, and he had an insanely busy schedule literally for minutes, and it didn’t fit into his time,” he told the daily Aha! source from filming. Therefore, the search continued for another actor corresponding to the age of the man in his seventies.

Russian mafia

The choice finally fell on Stepanka. “I don’t want anyone to know that I’m here…” he declares as Tůma in front of the police office, where he surprises the surprised Major Kozák, i.e. Ondřej Vetché (60) investigating a case where the settling of accounts between the Russian-speaking mafia returns to the streets of Prague and a completely innocent person loses his life as part of their fight. You can see the episode called Lottery today from 8:10 p.m. on ČT1.

Zlata Adamovská and Petr Štěpánek: How did they get together and how are things at home?

The bark has i Iron

Jakub Železný (49), the moderator of ČT Events and Commentary, also appears in several shots. Malinda and Mareš made an agreement with him directly in the live broadcast, where they were invited for an interview after it got out that there would be a third continuation of the series.

Who was Danes?

In the controversial series Thirty Cases of Major Zeman, Petr Štěpánek appeared in two of the most controversial works – Clowns and Štvanice, taking place in the so-called crisis years of 1967 and 1968. In it, he represents the poet and fighter for freedom of speech and expression Pavel Daneš, whom Major Zeman suspects of the shooting of the singer Eva Moulisová in the poetic wine bar Konírna. She was supposed to be the model of a singer Marta Kubišová (80) and the poet Daneš, her first husband, the director Jan Němec (†79), who shot at her windows. But the writer Jan Beneš (†71) also got to know him. In 2004, he even filed a criminal complaint against FTV Prima precisely because of the series Thirty Cases of Major Zeman. And in three years he shot himself.

Čestmír Mázl returned from Mexican captivity in the Ordinac.

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