Petr Rychlý resigned: SEKL PLAYING DUE TO HAZARD ?!

From 1998 to 2012, Petr shone at the Na Fidlovačce Theater in Prague, from where the current director of the Vinohrady stage Tomáš Töpfer(71) pulled to him.

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He shone for ten years

He became a member of the Vinohrady Theater ensemble in September 2012. Without nine months, he shone on the sought-after stage for almost ten years. At the end of last year, however, he decided to leave. The theater was silent about his departure until he was on Fast the fans did not start questioning the end in their letters.

Free leg

“Petry Rychlý decided to terminate the engagement completely voluntarily and leave freelance. The actors have full freedom of choice and Petr has a lot of work outside the theater, which is hardly compatible with the regular operation of the theater, “ Töpfer wrote, respecting the decision of his colleague and friend. Actor himself on the questions of the daily Aha! did not respond by the deadline of this issue.

The surgery returns with a new work after the Christmas break. And with her Ester Geisler

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POKER feeds him NOW

There has been a lot of speculation in the art industry, which theaters probably will go to. According to the information Aha! but it seems that he will not devote some time to the boards that mean the world now. He has recently fallen into professional poker tournaments and they are taking a lot of time off.

Dana Morávková about Surgery: It’s like a guy kicking you out and you don’t know why!

“Once he has free time, he plays poker.” they say fast loved ones. The actor studied poker for several years. “At the beginning I went into it crazy, I read everything possible, but then I was afraid to play at all, I suddenly saw the complications in everything. Now I study less, play more and analyze my game and watch videos from different final tables, how others play, “ confided last year in an interview for

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