Petr Nárožný (84) last on stage: He ends with the theater!

For the first time Challenging discovered on stage in 1973 at the Semafor Theater. Next year it would be a round 50 years. Then he joined the legendary Drama, because he longed for more serious roles. Yesterday, he said goodbye to the finale of Krležova Leda, an engaging study of scenes from married and unmarried life. The cornerbearer had been blessed several times with his career. “An actor should be able to leave when the time comes. It may be the hardest decision in life, but one should be able to handle it, maybe rather bear it. In humility, without bitterness and wishing the best to your theater, “he said.

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He was obviously afraid of going beyond that imaginary limit, when he’d rather not. He frightened the audience for the first time by leaving to celebrate his seventies. Now, almost ten years later, the departure is said to have taken place definitively. “Peter’s work in the Drama Club has been a liberating, joyful part of our lives over the years,” the director of the Drama Club praised the contribution of the actor.

A historical hobby

In his free time, Petr Nárožný is interested in political events in the world, especially dramatic conflicts, and his biggest hobby is the Second World War. He studied many books about her and not only that. “I know what war is. I spent part of the Second World War in Germany, experienced air raids there, as a little boy I ran into the cellar with my mother. I know what a phosphorus bomb looks like, I saw the dead on the street … “

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