Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s ex, surprises by confirming the size of his penis

ex of kim kardashian and Ariana Grande🇧🇷 Pete Davidson28, surprised when talking about the size of his penis.

The revelation was made by the comedian Jay Pharoahin the program The Jess CagleShowfrom SiriusXM, last Thursday (10/11).

Jay told the show that he asked Pete how he “meets and dates so many beautiful and powerful women”, and the artist confided to him: “He told me what it was: his dowry. He confirmed: ‘Yeah bro, it’s like nine inches [o equivalente a 23 cm]’” he revealed.

After the reveal, the co-presenters Jess Cagle and Julia Cunningham the comedian was asked if Pete Davidson’s penis was his only attraction, and Jay praised the former co-star of Saturday Night Live🇧🇷

“I think Pete is just a sweet guy. He’s sweet, he’s vulnerable, he’s not trying to fake it. Unfortunately, he has a lot of other physical issues that he has to deal with, so he’s like, a baby. Women can see that and say, ‘Oh, he’s so cute. I’m going to kiss him and then I’m going to take his pants off,'” he said.

Pete Davidson’s penis size became an issue during his relationship with Kim Kardashian. The two were together for 9 months before breaking up in August of this year.

In June, the socialite told on her reality show The Kardashiansfrom Hulu, who met Pete in October 2021 backstage on Saturday Night Live and felt “a vibe”:

“I wasn’t even thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to have a relationship with him.’ I was thinking like, ‘I heard about this BDE, I need to get out there,'” she said, referring to the expression “Big Dick Energy”, also spoken by Ariana Grande.

the rapper Kanye Westex-husband of Kim Kardashian, also spoke about it during a participation in the podcast The Brilliant Idiots🇧🇷 On the occasion, the presenter Charlamagne tha God remembered a phrase said by Kanye in another podcast, the Drink Champswhere the rapper claimed that Kim was dating Pete because “he has a bigger penis”.

Over the phone, Charlamagne told Kanye that he was friends with Pete and the rapper yelled at him, “My wife is here fucking a white boy with a 10-inch penis!”

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