Perverted wedding in a Mexican church: A Nazi married on the anniversary of Hitler

The bizarre party, which took place in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala at the end of April, was set up by a certain Josefina and Fernando, a civil servant and an ardent National Socialist (their surnames do not state sources). When they kissed at the altar, the runes of SS (Schutzstaffel) units, which were established in 1925 and acted as the bodyguard of Adolf Hitler († 56), then head of the National Socialist German Democratic Party (NSDAP), gleamed on the groom’s collar. However, several other wedding guests also had uniforms with a swastika, and a giant swastika was also present at the Volkswagen with a camouflage pattern, which they also posed for.

The bride and groom rejoice, and Nazi Fernando laughs

The perverted lovers did not choose the date of the party either by chance – on April 29, 77 years have passed since Hitler’s marriage to Eva Braun († 33)! “I know that for many people Hitler is synonymous with genocide and they consider it a symbol of racism and violence. But they are badly informed, “blissed the zealous Nazi, who is said to name the children after the greatest Nazis and will go to their baptisms in SS uniform. “The word Nazi is a Hollywood fiction,” he said, adding more nonsense.

The swastika cross was also present at the camouflage VW Beetle.

Disrespect for the death of 6 million

Jews The Wiesenthal Center for Latin America has already defended itself against the bizarre merriment. “Our institution strongly condemns the distortion and trivialization of the memory of the six million Jewish brothers and sisters murdered during the Holocaust and the contempt of those who deny or falsify history, as well as all those who contribute to this despicable disrespect,” said Ariel Gelblung, head of the center. he hopes the Mexican authorities will step in.

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