Peruvian Tiktoker explains the 7 strangest curiosities of living in Switzerland

Mauricio Isat, better known as “Pasaje en mano”, is in Europe and recently visited Switzerland, where he uploaded a video to TikTok It has generated all kinds of reactions. The content creator unveiled the weirdest things in that country for a Peruvian. One of the things that caught his attention the most is that most people take their blanket everywhere to keep warm.

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Isat, who was in Italy a week ago, posted a video of the 7 weirdest things about live in switzerland for a Peruvian and, in general, for anyone from Latin America. The first curiosity was the brand of the taxis.

Aren’t they yellow like here? Not necessarily, but they do have a sign on the roof that reads “Taxi”. However, this was not what caught his attention the most, but that they are ‘luxury taxis’. The influencer recorded, for example, a Lexus.

Likewise, it cleared up doubts about electricity cables in Europe. Is there or not? Yes, but the cables that are displayed are public transport. The third curiosity he shared did perplex him.

Yes a person wants to have a dog must pay taxes and also have two. Meanwhile, in the winter season it is normal to see that people take their blanket with them to keep warm from the cold.

Lakes, views and baths

Mauricio said that in Switzerland there are lakes everywhere, but in winter they freeze completely. On the other hand, its views of landscapes are incredible and great postcards can be obtained.

Watch the viral video here

Lastly, he talked about public restrooms. There are many of those in the streets and they don’t have a door. Anyone can use the urinal without paying a dime.

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