Personality test: What you feel is love or obsession?

It is very common to hear the phrase ‘that’s obsession’. But for some people, it’s hard to tell the difference between healthy love and growing obsession. If you have doubts about what you really feel, this test could guide you a bit.

Maybe you have a crush or infatuation of a long time and you begin to wonder if you really love this person or have become obsessed, although sometimes it is difficult to admit the latter, it is important differences between the love and the obsessionto avoid harming third parties and ourselves.

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If you want to know a little more about yourself and what you really feel, this test could help you get to know yourself better. That way, you can know if you are stuck in some kind of impossible love.

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Am I really in love or am I obsessed with someone?

In this test you must count how many answers A, B, or C you answer, to know your final result. It’s not okay to cheat!

  • What do you like most about that person?

A) He is a nice person whom I get to know more and more.

B) He is a skilled person and rarely makes mistakes.

C) That it is perfect.

  • When you talk to that special person, what do you think about?

A) I listen carefully to what he tells me to have a pleasant conversation.

B) I listen attentively to find out what he likes and mention that I like the same thing even if I don’t know him.

C) How good he looks and what a life with him would be like.

  • What do you do when that person is not around?

A) I continue with my life, work or study, I also hang out with friends.

B) I do what I have to do but from time to time I think about him and what he is doing.

C) He asked me what he does and I try to stalk him to find out where he is and with whom.

  • Have you ever had a fight with that person?

A) If we have, we talk about what bothered us.

B) I always try to avoid conflict by agreeing with him and apologizing, I don’t want to fight with him.

C) A lot, especially when he doesn’t do what I want or react the way I wanted him to react.

  • If that person dated someone else, what would you do?

A) Nothing, I’m happy for him and continue with my life.

B) I would probably feel a bit sad and spy on him for a while, but then I’d get over it.

C) I would get very upset and complain, maybe even try to convince his new partner to leave him.


  • It is good love. (Majority A)

You are a person with many green flags and you are aware of the type of person you have fallen in love with. You do not idealize or seek to possess. You may have been through a lot, but you have learned good things.

  • Your crush could cross dangerous boundaries. (Majority B)

Sometimes love can go beyond limits where you make another person uncomfortable and start hurting yourself. You must take care not to idealize the person who has your affection so much, with your feet on the ground you can build a healthy relationship.

  • You got a little obsessed with the person. (Majority C)

Watch out! The infatuation you felt turned into a less pleasant feeling and you could hurt many people remember. Remember that love is not about possessing or imagining impossible things, nor is it about idealizing people. You should better analyze the situation in which you find yourself.

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