Personality test: Are you stressed or do you have anxiety?

If you feel tired, worried and feel like everything is getting out of control in your life, you could be facing a lot of stress, but it could also be because you have episodes of anxiety.

Throughout our lives, all of us face difficult moments, what affects some does not necessarily affect others, but another difference that you will notice on many occasions is that each one faces these types of situations in their own way.

It is not a surprise that each individual is affected differently by difficult moments, sometimes by school, work, family, responsibilities and many other factors, however, we must pay attention to what is really what is us making you feel like that.

If you have experienced nerves, worries and feel that it is beyond the usual, it may be that you have a great load of stress, but there is also the possibility that it is the anxiety what is affecting your life and this test will help you find out.

Remember that this questionnaire is not a diagnosis, it will only serve to give you an idea of ​​what is causing the aforementioned discomfort. If you consider it pertinent, go to a specialist, our mental health is as important as our physical.

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Identify the source of your worries, is it stress or anxiety?

1. What kinds of concerns affect you most often?

  • How others will react to what I do (20)
  • My homework, tests, or family problems (10)
  • What will I do with my life, the roads that I will take (30)

2. Visualize this scenario, one day everything goes well but suddenly you feel nervous, what could it be due to?

  • I was in an unfamiliar place and I felt lost (10)
  • The situation could come out of nowhere, sometimes that happens (30)
  • I saw someone I didn’t want to meet (20)

3. Has it ever happened to you that you worry about things that haven’t happened?

  • Sometimes, for example when I don’t know if my grades will do well (10)
  • No, I usually worry more about what has already happened (20)
  • All the time, sometimes even with situations that will never happen (30)

4. Do you often face feelings such as fear and irritability?

  • Yes, it happens to me often (30)
  • Only when I’m in a difficult time like the end of the semester (20)
  • I face fear when there is danger, but I don’t get irritated easily (10)

5. All the people in the world have some defects, what do you think of yours?

  • I try not to pay attention to them (20)
  • They make me feel very uncomfortable, I wish no one noticed them but I think they do (30)
  • They are part of me, but if they affect me or cause harm to others, I should work on them (10)

6. How are your sleeping habits?

  • I try to meet my 8 hours and I almost always rest well (10)
  • It’s hard for me to fall asleep because I’m thinking and thinking (30)
  • Like everyone, I have good days and others not so much at bedtime (20)

7. You faced a moment of tension and nervousness, when did it go away?

  • When what triggered those feelings is gone, be it a danger, an important event, etc. (10)
  • The truth is I do not realize the precise moment (20)
  • Over time it decreases, but I would not say that it goes away at all (10)


Your answers indicate that although you probably face nerves, discomfort and worries, all of this is due to stress, something momentary and that you will be able to overcome as soon as you move away from what causes it. Don’t worry, we all face stress for one reason or another.

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Although many times this discomfort is due to stress, there are times when you are so nervous that you worry even for no reason, although there is not much to be alarmed about, you must be attentive to what it is that makes you feel this way.

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According to your answers in the test, most of the times when you feel nervous, worried or irritable, you do it for no apparent reason, that discomfort can come to you out of nowhere, many times you are thinking more about the future than the present and you face insecurities for it. You are probably having episodes of anxiety, remember that taking care of your mental health will help you lead a better lifestyle.

My Roommate is a Gumiho. | Fuente: Instagram @tvn_drama

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