Personality Test: Are You Someone With Toxic Positivity?

The way we deal with our emotions and how we react to the feelings of others reveals whether we are trying to understand them or just displaying toxic positivity that invalidates their feelings.

Do you know what is the toxic positivity? It is a behavior that occurs when a person tries to impose a positive perception in every situation, trying to see the good even in the difficulty but invalidating the real feelings that are faced.

In this way, try to hide the pain and sadness (own or others) with optimistic thoughts. The problem is not in thinking positive, but in denying the sensations that are being experienced in each situation.

This causes a person to not be able to really heal the wounds that they have accumulated through some difficult moment and, at the same time, to feel that it is not correct to show their true colors. feelings. do you think you have one personality So? This test reveals it.

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Quiz: Are You Repressing Your Emotions Because of Toxic Positivity?

1. What do you do when a friend tells you about their worries or problems?

  • I tell them not to worry, things could be worse (10)
  • I share my experiences so you know you can get through this (20)
  • I listen carefully and offer my help if they need it (30)

2. What do you think when people complain about something bad that happened to them?

  • I think they shouldn’t say it so openly (20)
  • I realize that we all have difficulties and they are not necessarily the same (20)
  • I think they should be more positive if they want to do well (10)

3. When someone expresses that they are in a bad moment, why do you think they do it?

  • Wants to attract the attention of others, be the center of attention (30)
  • He doesn’t like to see others happy and wanted to ruin the moment (20)
  • He simply wanted to express it (10)

4. When someone faces a difficult situation that you have been through before, what comes to your mind?

  • I think I understand it perfectly and I’m sure it will work out (30)
  • I think you shouldn’t worry so much, everything works out in the end (20)
  • I hope you get past that stage, but I’m offering you help because I know it’s not easy (10)

5. You go out to a party with friends but one of them, who has been feeling sad, does not seem to join in the happy atmosphere. What do you think of his attitude?

  • It is understandable, it is not easy to put sadness aside just like that (10)
  • I think if he joined the party he would feel much better (20)
  • I regret having invited him (30)

6. When someone gets depressed because of a breakup, what kind of feedback do you give them?

  • I tell him it’s not a big deal and he should keep going, smiling at life (30)
  • I think there is a whole world to meet and that includes many people you will meet (20)
  • I express that you can count on me if you need it, to talk, go out or anything (10)

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Zero toxic positivity. Your answers on the test reveal that you fully understand the warmth and importance of emotions, so you know that while what you and others are feeling is totally valid, it’s wise to express it, and you’re in favor of it.

Personality test. | Source: Instagram @tving.official

A dose of toxic positivity. Although this trait is not so attached to your personality, from time to time you pass it on. It is normal that sometimes you do not know how to react when someone expresses their pain or sadness, it is okay not to know what to say, but what is not correct is to try to limit them so that they hide those emotions just because it is uncomfortable for you to deal with them.

Personality test. | Source: Instagram @tving.official

You are a person with toxic positivity. You generally think that positive thinking is the key to success, but working hard, making an effort and always being cheerful does not guarantee that everything will go well. You should be more understanding with other people, if you only ask them to hide their emotions because they seem negative to you, then it will seem that their pain is unjustified and it is not.

Personality test. | Source: Instagram @tving.official

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