Personality test: Are you an impulsive person?

How do you know if you are an impulsive person? There are some characteristics and signs that indicate your level of impulsivity, you can detect it by taking our test.

Each person has a personality different, despite the fact that these have been classified, we know that the human mind and behavior can be much more complex because it also depends on the environment in which we live and the education, customs and other social aspects that each one has.

Our behaviors and ways of thinking also have an effect on our environments and relationsWe all have a family, a group of friends, a couple, a group of co-workers and more with whom we usually live day by day. The ideal is always to have healthy relationships for our well-being.

But sometimes we can affect our relationships with our ways of doing things. There are very people impulsive who tend to intimidate others, what is the impulsiveness? This is a behavior in which we act without thinking, it is when we do things only by instinct and in a fast, unexpected and excessive way.

You are someone impulsive? Here we tell you your level of impulsivity according to how you behave or the actions you take in life and in your social relationships. take our test to know more about your personality.

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Test: What is your level of impulsiveness according to your personality?

How do you feel when a person in front of you walks slowly?

  • A) It doesn’t bother me, I can also walk slowly
  • B) Impatient, I ask you kindly if you allow me to move forward
  • C) Frustrated, people who walk slowly annoy me a lot

What happens when you get mad at someone?

  • A) I try to talk to that person to fix the problems
  • B) I stop talking to the person I got angry with
  • C) I want to hit the person who made me angry

What is your process for making decisions?

  • A) I meditate on it for a long time before making a decision
  • B) I think a little before making the decision that best suits me
  • C) I make the decision that I like best when looking at the options
Are you someone impulsive? | Twitter: @SeriesBrasil

Do you usually turn everything into a competition?

How do you feel when you don’t achieve your goals quickly?

  • A) Sad, I take some time to create another plan
  • B) Confused, but looking for a solution
  • C) Angry, I try again and again

What is the most important thing to you at work/school?

  • A) Learn new things and apply my knowledge
  • B) Stand out among my peers and climb the ranks
  • C) Be #1 in everything and always have recognition from my boss

Did you write down your answers? It’s time to see the result of this test!

  • Majority A: 10-30% impulsivity

You are not really an impulsive person, you take your time to think about things and meditate, you are not easily irritated, angry or frustrated and you can enjoy everything without having to make it a competition or always wanting to stand out.

You are not impulsive | Twitter: @KaranmaMaeryl

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  • Majority B: 40-70% impulsivity

You are right in the middle, you are not a very impulsive person, but you do have a certain degree of impulsiveness that may not affect your daily life or your relationships as much, but be careful and do not let your impulsive side win over your assertive side.

You are someone sometimes impulsive | Twitter: @peit0_

  • Majority C: 80-100% impulsiveness

You are definitely an impulsive person who often does not think before acting and this can cause problems for not making the right decisions for you or affecting your environment. Remember that not everything has to be a competition, in the world there is no one better or worse, we are just different. It is important that you live without tension that only hurts you.

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Remember that if something is affecting your mind or environment too much, you should seek professional help to feel better. Mental health is always important.

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