Personality: How you carry your handbag reveals a lot about your personality

Which type of handbag we choose says a lot about our style. How we wear them, in turn, reveals a great deal about our personality.

“Tell me how you carry your handbag and I’ll tell you who you are” – this sentence may sound bizarre, but it could have come from the American psychologist Kathlyn Hendricks in one way or another. Because the body language expert reads hidden messages from the fact whether we carry our bag over our shoulder or in the crook of our arm. Do you recognize yourself?

Body Language: What the way you carry your bag says about you

bag in hand

There are handbags with such small handles that you can only carry them in your hand. But other bags have handles of different lengths. If you consciously opt for the variant “firm grip in hand” with such a model, present the bag like a briefcase. And thus signal: My job is important to me, and my accessories – just like me – have to be able to do more than just look pretty.

Pocket in the crook of the arm

According to Kathlyn Hendricks, someone who presents their bag in the crook of their arm places great value on their social standing. Because in this display, the active arm is otherwise practically useless – so the bag and the way it is carried are usually a status symbol. If you prefer to transport your favorite bag in this way, you are probably not necessarily “low maintenance”.

bag on the shoulder

Anyone who lets their bag dangle relaxedly on one shoulder is saying: It’s not that important to me. I need both hands for my life. If you’re this type of bag carrier, you’re probably a laid-back, pragmatic type who values ​​practicality – in life as well as in fashion.

Crossbody with front pocket

Kathlyn Hendricks recognizes this type of bag-carrying as a form of armor. People who carry their cross-body bag in front tend to be more cautious and reserved. Especially at parties, the bag can act like an unconscious protective wall. Do you recognize yourself? Then you probably like to have everything under your control as much as possible.

Cross body with back pocket

If you transport your bag diagonally over the shoulder and at the back, you have chosen the most functional way of carrying it. This way the person has both hands free and is ready for almost anything. What else is striking: The label of the bag is not particularly visible. If you like to carry your bag like this, you probably don’t attach much importance to status symbols. You are open and relaxed when dealing with other people – and with challenges.

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