Personal Taste: Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin’s Most Romantic Scenes

We love K-Dramas that bring together our favorite stars in the cast, which is why Personal Taste has stole fans’ eyes since its premiere. The romantic scenes of Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin will motivate you to watch the series again.

This is a 2010 drama that premiered through MBC on South Korean television, however, as the leads gained popularity around the world, the story also gained traction in many countries.

Personal Taste tells the story of a young architect named Jeon Jin Ho who wants to win a competition with his design for the next art center, so he happens to meet a traditional house built by one of the judges who will choose the winner, so that he can discover the type of constructions you like and more.

But in that house it is inhabited by a girl who denies him entry, so to achieve his mission he pretends to be gay and thus is allowed to rent one of the rooms. Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin give life to the protagonists of this drama and here you will know some of their most important moments romantics and unforgettable.

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Iconic moments of Personal Taste that make the drama unforgettable

After seeing Gae In with a broken heart, Jin Ho decides to invite her to a party where the girl’s ex will also be, but he plans a shopping day and a session at the beauty salon so that she can make the boy that it was her boyfriend regrets having hurt her.

Although this drama had several memorable kisses, one of the scenes that left its mark is when Ga In says they are confused while her ex is trying to get back into her life, but it is then that Jin Ho appears in front of them, takes the girl’s hand and tells her gives an unforgettable kiss.

Another very sweet moment in the drama happened when Gae In feels bad and is suffering from colic, but Jin Ho notices and spends the whole night taking care of her.

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Another moment that cannot be left out of the list is when Jin Ho prepares the bathroom for Gae In in a romantic way and even adds rose petals, the protagonist even helps her dry her hair carefully. AWW!

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