Perpignan : "I refused the vaccine to protest against Macron, the Delta annihilated me", regrets James hospitalized because of a severe form of Covid

Neither antivax nor conspirator, James Dumortier had always refused the anti-Covid vaccination “to protest against the policy of Macron and his government”, explains the craftsman of Corbère-les-Cabanes, also municipal councilor of the town. He paid dearly for his protest. In mid-December, the 50-year-old contracted one of the most severe forms of the Delta variant which sent him to the hospital on very high flow oxygen. Back home, this Thursday, January 13, 2022, he makes a poignant appeal to the unvaccinated urging them to accept the injection.

James Dumortier had participated in one of the first anti-tax demonstrations organized in Perpignan. “But I quickly left, it was rubbish. I heard people shouting ‘the vaccine is a poison’, ‘they want to vaccinate us to trace us’, some went so far as to say that the Covid It didn’t exist. It was downright conspiratorial and I’m not like that, I have a down to earth mindset “, assures the craftsman of Corbère-les-Cabanes. Aged 52, married and father of a family, the 50-year-old waited above all, he said, for the release of a classic vaccine outside of messenger RNA. “I wanted to do a Janssen but the nurse did not have enough candidates, so I gave up. I work for myself, I had my head in the handlebars, other concerns to manage.”

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And yet, James Dumortier is afraid of the Covid. “Very athletic, I eat a balanced diet, I do not smoke, I do not suffer from co-morbidities but I saw on the news that the virus was causing carnage. I never thought it was a flu. Also, I respected the gestures. barrier to the letter, I was super careful with customers, on construction sites, everywhere “. He does not dare to imagine that the disease him “one day falls on your head “. Result, “up to date with my other vaccines”, James Dumortier refuses that of the Covid “compared to the government with which one shot is green, one shot is black, one shot is gray. These policies are funny, I reacted to the state and my family monitored, my entourage is not vaccinated “.

I felt guilt, embarrassment aimed at extraordinary caregivers who did not differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated

Unfortunately for him. Because last December 12, despite a kind of flu that he has been dragging for a few days, he takes part in a family birthday party. The next day, he learns that his two little nieces are positive and asymptomatic. Then it was his stepmother, his wife and his 15-year-old daughter, all also symptom-free. “Being ill, I was doing antigenic tests which were always negative”breathes James Dumortier. Until December 20 when a PCR sample comes back positive.

James Dumortier during his hospitalization in the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department.

“In 24 hours, I took like a locomotive in the face. I was developing a severe Covid with all the symptoms from A to Z: loss of taste, intense fever, spasms, unbearable muscle pain in the legs, and difficulties to breathe unbearable. I saw myself leaving “, testifies the patient. Immediately placed on oxygen at home. However, its saturation continues to decrease. “I was on 5 liters of oxygen / minute and it was no use.” Admitted on December 31 to the Covid Emergency Department of the Perpignan hospital center, he was then transferred to the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department of Doctor Hugues Aumaître where he bordered on resuscitation on several occasions. “Nothing was helping, and for three days, despite the high compensation mask delivering 13 liters of oxygen per minute, I was out of breath, watched myself die.”

Get vaccinated before it’s too late!

From this worst period of his life, James Dumortier retains caregivers “extraordinary, which did not differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated patients. Me, I felt guilt, embarrassment vis-à-vis them. They are at the end of the line and it is my fault and those of all those who are not vaccinated because if we had been, we would not be there to “piss them off” when they have other emergencies to deal with “, deeply regrets the craftsman in isolation from Corbère. Promising to support the nursing staff if they decided to demonstrate in the street fatigue and distress. “Still all that, I say it loud and clear and I assume it, it is because of Macron and his government who created a fracture in the medical world and divided France in two.”

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And James Dumortier lives “this hell as a lesson”, he is now imploring the 6 million French people who are not yet immunized to make their first injection as quickly as possible. “The studies are formal, vaccination protects serious forms of Covid”, he says, worried about seeing his wife, a caregiver, looking after unvaccinated elderly people. “If they catch this horrible virus, they will not be able to resist it, they will die of it “, he warns, launching an equally poignant appeal to the youngest. “I’m not an anti-ax ayatollah who, I want to make it clear, they are not all die-hard conspirators. On the contrary, those are a minority. The others are like me, they just don’t not been convinced by politicians “, militates the municipal councilor back home this Thursday, January 13. Not healed so far. Still under three to four liters of oxygen / minute, “I move in slow motion, I get out of breath as soon as I start to move, I am sometimes disoriented …” A convalescence expected to last from three to six months, at best.

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