Pernille Vermund wanted to be immune and sniffed at the corona: ‘I got it all – also covid-19’

Pernille Vermund got corona – and a little more – when she last month chose to be infected on purpose.

This is revealed by Nye Borgerlige’s chairman in Thursday’s edition of BT’s podcast ‘All the way away’.

“I ended up snooping on the floor with someone I knew had,” says Pernille Vermund, who does not want to name the carrier.

What she would like to reveal, however, is that she dated the person in question at that time and therefore should have gone into isolation as close contact with the person in question.

But she failed to do so – quite deliberately.

“There came these curves of how much the vaccine covered and how much natural immunity covered. And when I saw it, I thought, ‘I have to have natural immunity,’ ‘she says.

She is not a vaccine denier and has also received her first two vaccine stings, as she does not want a violent course of the disease. But natural immunity just seemed more appealing.

“And then I had someone, by the way, who I saw who got infected, and then I thought,‘ Peace be with that. Then we take some cool days’, “says Pernille Vermund.

“You probably shouldn’t do that, but that’s where I got it,” she says, before cheekily adding:

“I got it all – including covid-19.”

Pernille Vermund and financier Lars Tvede said in July that they had separated after five years of relationship and two years of marriage. Since then, she has been out sniffing for a round of corona, but does not see anyone stuck at the moment, she says in ‘All the way away’.

Here, however, she also refuses to call herself ‘single’, as she is technically still married to Lars Tvede, who lives in Switzerland.

‘I should have been divorced this summer, but it has been a long process. In Denmark, you have to have a NemID to get divorced, but it will probably and hopefully soon be the case that Lars and I get divorced. We are friends and everything is fine, but you can not really call yourself single when you are still married. We behave like singles, but … yes, ”she smiles.

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