Perlla’s husband, Patrick Abrahão tells how his days in prison have been in an open letter. Check out!

Arrested since the 19th of October, Patrick Abrahão spoke for the first time about his days in jail🇧🇷 In a letter published by the team, the businessman reinforced his innocence and explained how he has been spending his days in prison.

Patrick Abrahão was arrested just four months after his marriage to Perlla, in an operation called “La Casa de Papel”, organized by the Federal Police (PF), the Federal Revenue Service and the National Mining Agency (ANM). THE The action of the groups was aimed at putting an end to a financial pyramid scheme.

Patrick sends message to Perlla in open letter

Accustomed to publishing declarations of love and moments with her husband, Perlla also used social media to comment on her husband’s arrest, with whom she took up dating in 2021. In the post, Perlla posted the statement made by Patrick’s lawyers. In it, Patrick denies all allegations.

In the continuation of the letter, in addition to continuing to reinforce innocence, Patrick still sends a message to Perlla. “Peace of the Lord, my friends. In the midst of difficult days, we want to thank everyone for their affection and prayers, especially our family. For our wives, we would like to make it clear that the best decision of our lives was to marry you, thank you for all your tireless support,” began Patrick.

“Of course I, Patrick, feel very hurt by so many untruths. Facts that aren’t even included in the process about me and there isn’t even a complaint yet. As if I had emeralds at home, moved billions, placing myself as the owner of a company that I was an investor”.

Finally, Patrick also declares how he has spent his days in prison🇧🇷 “I declare that we are 100% at the disposal of Justice to clarify everything. We are fine, we were treated with respect from the time of arrest until the moment I am writing this letter to you. We believe that soon everything will be clarified and we will return to the bosom of our family. Even in the midst of the struggle, we are firm, winning lives for Jesus, praying in the cells, and as I always said, ‘what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger'”, he added.

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