Perfumes for summer! Discover the perfect fragrances for the hot days of the season

Each season of the year has a characteristic smell and summer is that time that combines floral, fruity, citrus and refreshing aromas. That’s because these are the notes that give more lightness to hot days, matching both daytime and nighttime occasions.

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With high temperatures, the best alternative is to choose a pleasant essence that gives the sensation of being fragrant, but without carrying very strong olfactory notes, as is the case with colognes and scented waters.

To help you choose a perfume of the season to call your own, the Purepeople brought together six fragrances perfect for the hottest days of the year. Check out!

Cool Water Woman Eau de Toilette, Davidoff – R$ 195,90

Ekos Freshness Colony from Pitanga, Natura – R$ 64,90

Love Spell Scent Water, Victoria’s Secret – R$97,90

Perfume Yes I Love You Eau de Parfum, Coscentra – R$ 86,42

Women’s Cologne S By Shakira Eau Florale, Shakira – R$ 119,97

Floratta Cherry Blossom Colony Deodorant, O Boticário – 109,90

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