Perez tips Ajax: ‘Find someone who can take a good free kick’

Kenneth Perez believes that Ajax should look for a free kick specialist, he says This was the Weekend on ESPN. Sunday during Ajax-NEC he saw another example where the lack of such a player came to the fore.

‘You get a free kick 25 meters from goal, it’s perfect for a right foot. But what do they do? They are going to pass him on’, the Danish former Ajax player outlines. ‘If you have a good free kick and you’re right-footed, you think: this one is good. A tip for Ajax if they are going to get players: please find someone who can take a good free kick. They don’t have that. Kudus took one and scored, so maybe he can.’

The former international from Denmark also discusses the match against NEC in its entirety. Where there is mainly talk about a good first phase of Ajax, he also saw the away team participate well before the break. ‘NEC participated very well in the first half. They had share in the game and created some chances. Then you see in the second half that it no longer works and then you have to wait for a chance to come. That opportunity came. Then NEC can no longer do it in the physical part. They gave a lot in the first half.’

Alvarez and Tannane

Furthermore, a duel between Edson Álvarez and Oussama Tannane is also discussed. The latter indicated that he had been hit in the face by the Ajax player, but Álvarez did not receive a red card. Perez tries to dive into the referee’s train of thought and comes up with an explanation. ‘The intensity is not very high. They often talk about kicking or an elbow, but that is often with more intensity. So it’s just not red. Or no red at all.’

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