‘Percy Jackson’ turns 11 | Where’s the movie cast been?

The first film based on the saga of young adult literature, Percy Jackson, created by Rick Riordan, turned 11 in 2021. Yes, all of that.

And in this week’s “Por onde anda” (For Where’s Going), we recall where the cast of the two film productions of Percy Jackson and its characters: The Lightning Thief (2010) e Sea of ​​Monsters (2013).

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Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson)

in the best style Harry Potter, our protagonist is a young man who finds his life dull, until he discovers himself as a descendant of the Greek Gods. your interpreter, the young Logan Lerman, 25 years old, had already participated in productions such as the indomitables (2007) e Gamer (2009) before being chosen for the role. After starring in this adventure, Lerman got featured in movies like The three Musketeers (2011), The advantages of being invisible (2012), Noah (2014) e Iron hearts (2014). His last work was in period drama Indignation, released in 2016. The actor will also be seen soon on thriller dramatic Sidney Hall, beside Elle Fanning e Michelle Monaghan.

Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth)

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the beauty Alexandra Daddario, 31, may be the actress in the cast of Percy Jackson who has been getting more prominence in his career, including even the protagonist Lerman. In the same year as the second film in the franchise, Daddario will star The 3D Chainsaw Massacre – The Legend Continues, the seventh film in the famous horror series. Afterwards, the spotlight would once again return to the girl, in her participation in one of the best anthology miniseries of all time, the enigmatic True Detective, which premiered its first season in 2014. Then came appearances in the series American Horror Story, in the adaptation of Nicholas Sparks The choice, and in two super productions alongside Dwayne Johnson, Earthquake: The San Andreas Fault (2015) e Baywatch (2017). This year, the actress launches the novel When We First Met, beside Robbie Amell and will be following San Andreas, already announced.

Brandon T. Jackson (Grover)

Grover, Percy Jackson’s best friend, is actually a faun, half man, half goat. Jackson had already made an appearance with his hilarious impersonation of rapper Alpha Chino in the equally hilarious comedy tropical Thunder (2008). after the first Percy Jackson, lived the son of Martin Lawrence in continuation Grandma… Zone 3: Like Father, Like Son (2011). In the same year as the premiere of the second Percy Jackson, the actor played Aaron Foley, son of Heavy Duty in person, Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy), in a pilot episode of the series that failed. One of the last movies of Jackson it was the terror Eloise (2017), starring Eliza Dushku, the eternal Faith of Buffy – The Vampire Slayer.

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Pierce Brosnan (Chiron)

The British actor needs no introduction, since before the franchise he personified the most famous secret agent of the seventh art for four films, 007. After your participation in the first Percy Jackson (the actor would not return to live the same character in the sequence), playing the centaur Chiron (half man, half horse), Brosnan had a series of unremarkable movies under his belt. Some of the main highlights were the works in the miniseries Bag of Bones (2011), based on the book of Stephen King; Hangover Heroes (2013), from Edgar Wright; in recent The Only Living Boy in New York (2017), of Mark Webb; and in the still unpublished in Brazil Urge, an intriguing suspense. One of his last films released was the action thriller spy The foreigner (2017), which stars alongside the legendary Jackie Chan.

Anthony Stewart Head (Chiron)

With the departure of Pierce Brosnan of the franchise, fell to the eternal librarian Giles de Buffy (the series there again) replace him in the same character. The actor Anthony Stewart Head, now known only as Anthony Head, as said, was immortalized as the mentor of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the adored juvenile series Buffy. Afterwards, the actor had guest appearances in films such as Scoop – O Grande Furo (2006), from Woody Allen, The iron Lady (2011) e Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011). In addition, the actor participated in a modern version of the cult musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (2006). One of the last works of Head was in the Sony drama, A Stray Cat Named Bob (2016).

Sean Bean (Zeus)

The actor Sean Bean has a reputation for dying in most films and series in which he participates. And his role as Ned Stark in the prestigious Game of Thrones don’t let lie. Of course before, Bean had already been present in films such as 007 Contra Goldeneye (1995), in which he starred with fellow cast member Pierce Brosnan, Ronin (1998) and in the trilogy Lord of the Rings (2001, 2002 and 2003). Recently, the actor could be seen in Lost in Mars (2015), Oscar-nominated film in the main category. This year the actor was in Drone, new military thriller that discusses the use of machines, after Good Kill: Maximum Accuracy (2014) e risk decision (2015); and in the drama series Broken, in which he plays a priest.

Rosario Dawson (Persephone)

Rosario Dawson is yet another talented actress who lent her name to the franchise but didn’t come back for the second half. Of course, among the girl’s works, films such as Sin City – City of Sin (2005), Death Proof (2007), of Quentin Tarantino, e o drama Seven lives (2008), however, Dawson began his film career in 1995 as part of the cast of the controversial Kids, written by Harmony Korine (director of Spring Breakers and the guy who tried to steal Meryl Streep no program David Letterman). Then came productions like decisive play (1998) e The last night (2002), both from Spike Lee, Josie and the Kittens (2001) e Men in Black 2 (2002). Currently, the actress is doing very well, thank you, best known as Claire Temple, of all series in the Marvel / Netflix partnership (see the two seasons of demolisher, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron fist e the defenders).

Uma Thurman (Jellyfish)

The model turned into an actress began her career in cinema participating in productions such as The Adventures of Baron Münchausen (1988), from Terry Gilliam, e Dangerous Connections (1988), from Stephen Frears. In the early 1990s, Thurman would reach one of the high points of his career with Pulp Fiction (1994), from Quentin Tarantino, the seventh best-rated film of all time in the public’s preference of the biggest movie site on the network, IMDB. Furthermore, Pulp Fiction would earn the actress her only Oscar nomination. Partnership is repeated with Tarantino in the two-part epic of revenge, Kill Bill – Volume 1 (2003) e Volume 2 (2004).

At the end of the same decade (90), the actress would also know some of the lowest points of her resume, participating in ill-fated super productions, see Batman & Robin (1997) e The Avengers (1998). In the last years, Thurman also participated in another epic divided into two parts, this one much more controversial, coming from a much more controversial mind: Nymphomaniac 1 e 2 (both from 2013), from Lars from Trier. The last work of the actress was right next to the Danish filmmaker, in the suspense The House Jack Built, about the life of a serial killer over 12 years.

Life Rambin (Clarisse)

Clarisse was one of the new characters added in the sequel. Sea of ​​Monsters (2013), and which gained great prominence in the plot. the young marrenta created a good clash dynamic with the protagonists, initially becoming the kind of character we love to hate. the beautiful texan Life Rambin had already appeared on the big screen in another very successful franchise in the year before the release of the second Percy Jackson: Hunger Games (2012), in which he played the character Glimmer.

After her participation in the series as Clarisse, and following in the footsteps of her co-star Alexandra Daddario, Rambin won a role in the second season of the prestigious HBO show, True Detective, in which the sister of the character of Rachel McAdams. In addition, the actress was in the independent gay drama I Am Michael, with James Franco e Zachary Quinto. The girl’s next stop is the series about kidnappings. Gone, based on the book of Chelsea Cain.

Douglas Smith (Tyson)

Although many do not recognize it, Douglas Smith was the young Cyclops, half brother of the protagonist Percy Jackson, in the second (and last) film of the unfinished franchise. Before this curious participation, Smith had personified Ben Henrickson for 53 episodes in the series immense love (Big Love), with the late Bill Paxton. After his foray into the franchise based on the hit books, the actor has been in horror movies like Ouija: The Game of Spirits (2014) e Never Say Your Name (2017), in blockbusters like The Terminator: Genesis (2015), and in series like Vinyl (2016), of Martin Scorsese. His new work is in the series of period, crime and drama, The Alienist, starring Dakota Fanning, Daniel Brühl e Luke Evans, and created by Cary Fukunaga (True Detective e It – A Coisa).

Chris Columbus (Director – First Film)

the filmmaker Chris Columbus it also needs no introduction. In the 1980s, the director was responsible for the script of some of the biggest hits of the time, see Gremlins (1984), Os Goonies (1985) e The Pyramid Puzzle (1985). As a director he won huge box office champions over the next decade, see They forgot me (1990) and its continuation (1992), and an almost perfect nanny (1993).

Of course, let’s not forget (sorry for the infamous pun) that Columbus was responsible for the kick-off of the most successful franchise based on young adult literature in history, having directed the first two films of Harry Potter (2001 and 2002). The director’s last work so far has received a lukewarm reception, despite the nostalgic premise: Pixels (2015), with Adam Sandler. Your next project might be The Secret Lives of Road Crews, an action comedy about a group of road workers needing to fight an alien threat. 3rd Degree Immediate Neighbors (2012), anyone?

Thor Freudenthal (Director – Second Film)

Filmmaker of little expressiveness, Freudenthal started her film career with children’s comedy films, see Hotel for Puppies (2009), with Emma Roberts, e diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010). After his foray into the series Percy Jackson, the director turned to TV and commanded episodes of series of heroes like Flash, Supergirl e Arrow.

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