Pepe Cibrián, furious at her husband for cheating on him: "He’s not a bad person but he’s dumb"

Pepe Cibrian returned to bet on love with Nahuel Lodi, a young man 40 years younger than him whom he decided to marry. However, the joy was interrupted with the release of a surprising video in which the boy is seen kissing another man at a party.

After several hours of uncertainty, Pepe Cibrian He broke the silence during an interview. The producer told “Relentless” that he was shocked to see those pictures, allegedly taken during his bachelor party (they got married a month ago). When asked if his partner had any “agreement” that would allow them both some freedom, Cibrián replied: This was not agreed, that’s why I was surprised. Exposing myself like this… it was not agreed at all.”

The actor admitted that after finding out, being in a spa, “I asked an acquaintance of both to tell Nahuel to leave, this has no solution. I think he was not clear that he was married to someone popular. And everything he does can be exposed, it has its consequences. I can’t get those images out of my head“.

Pepe Cibrián with his now ex-partner Nahuel Lodi.

He’s not a bad person, but he’s stupid. He sent me a message, but there is nothing to forgive, that’s it.” concluded Pepe Cibrian in chat with Susana Roccasalvo. In this way, it was clear that the producer is separated a few weeks after saying yes with Nahuel Lodihis now ex-partner.

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