People sent 1.5 million to the widowed paramedic!

Lukáš and his family’s life turned upside down on New Year’s Eve, when Zuzana was hospitalized and struggled with a cancer of the lymphatic system. But after a quarter of a year of treatment, she succumbed to sepsis. She was left with sons Lukášek (7) and Filípek (6) and a daughter Zuzanka (3). “Now it’s just that I’m still dealing with common worries, we just don’t have two of them anymore, so it’s more intense,” Lukáš said. With the help of his parents, he has to manage the care of the children and the household in addition to the work of a paramedic who is over 11 years old.

Collection until June 30

Colleagues from the rescue with the Kryštůfek Endowment Fund opened a collection account 2601650761/2010 on 1 May. People can send contributions to it until the end of June. When sending the amount, it is necessary to state in the message for the recipient ZZSPAK.

Mortgage, babysitting …

“Optimally, we would need 2.3 million for Lukáš to cover the necessary expenses with loans and pay the babysitter,” says Martin Pfeifer, Deputy Minister of the Medical Rescue Service of the Pardubice Region. “I would like to keep the children’s standard of living,” Lukáš said, thanking all the donors.

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