People rage over radio channel after ‘Squid Game’ attempt: ‘Damn! You should be ashamed! ‘

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‘Reprehensible’, ‘inappropriate’ and ‘an own measure of dimensions’.

These are just some of the words you fall over if you scroll through the comment track on Radio Loud’s profile on Instagram.

Here the radio channel shared a video from the podcast ‘Ringdal & Kristensen’ the other day.

In the video, you can watch the mere ten-year-old Pelle and the three-year-old Anna watch a scene from the extremely bloody and highly publicized Netflix series ‘Squid Game’.

The series is about 456 desperate and indebted people who are fighting for their lives – and a lot of money – in a series of violent child games.

The age limit for the series is 16 years, yet several schools, experts and parents have shouted vaguely at gunpoint because many children ignore the age limit and see it anyway.

For this reason, the Radio Loud program has decided to test what children think about the series by letting Pelle and Anna watch it for open microphone.

“Ad,” 13-year-old Anna can be heard saying as a man is shot, causing blood to splash out of his mouth.

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“Now everyone is going crazy and running while being shot. Now they are all killing, «it sounds more calm and telling from 10-year-old Pelle.

“It’s just child’s play, but where you really die,” he continues, as the corpses pile up on the screen.

At the time of writing, there are about 30 comments to the video on Loud’s Instagram profile, the vast majority of which are from people who are outraged by the radio channel.

‘What the f *** are you doing? Do you seriously think that this is responsible ?! It’s a 16+ series for a reason. It’s scary enough, ‘writes one user, for example.

‘What are you thinking about, though?’ it sounds from another, which is upheld by a third:

‘Damn! Where is it inappropriate. You should be ashamed, Radio Loud! ‘

BT has been in contact with Radio Loud’s program director, Simon Andersen, who is dismissive of the criticism.

“I am so happy and proud of it,” he says, continuing:

“When you see that feature and hear the boy in particular tell soberly about what’s going on, I think everyone gets really touched and worried.”

According to Simon Andersen, the test experiment is a “touching reminder that you have to make sure you know what your children are doing”.

“I think we show in a raw and brutal way what significance it has for their children when they let them see that series. In my eyes, it is a beautiful, touching and at the same time terrible piece of journalism that we have made. “

What do you say to the criticism that you have crossed the border?

“I certainly do not think any boundaries are being broken. I think the line is broken in the family where they let their children watch that series, or in the family where they do not know what their children are doing, “says Simon Andersen and continues:

“I think we do the parents a favor by taking them in and showing them what happens to their children when they see that kind of thing.”

Where does your border go then? For example, would you pull children in and watch porn?

‘I actually think so. It is also popular with many young people, so it might be relevant as well. We’re just filming what’s going on among thousands of people. We show what is going on, “concludes Simon Andersen.

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