Pedro Tenorio and Fátima Aguilar: Latina journalists showed nerves of steel during the strong 5.6-degree earthquake in Lima

Pedro Tenorio and Fátima Aguilar, drivers of 90 Matinal, experienced live the strong earthquake of 5.6 degrees that occurred this Friday morning at 5:27 am and which had Lima as its epicenter.

Despite the anguish of being ‘on the air’, since the newscast is broadcast from 5 to 9 am, the conductors They called for calm to all viewers to find a place to take refuge.

“We are experiencing an earthquake right now, very calm, please... Emergency zone, emergency backpack, locate yourself right now ”, said the journalist.

“It has been very strong, it is still going on, but it has already gone down. It has been impressive, we are on the first floor and we have felt it stronglyadded.

For his part, Pedro Tenorio asked the population for tranquility and made the precision that On the television set where the program is recorded there are reflectors that also moved very strongly due to the earthquake.

Reaction of Latina journalists in the middle of the shaking


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