Pedro Scooby on ‘BBB 22’: controversial surfer must deliver on reality and here are the reasons!

Pedro Scooby is one of the names taken for granted in the Camarote group of “BBB 22”, dedicated to the celebrities of the reality show. The surfer promises to deliver a lot to the fans, being one of the celebrities who have already been controversial even before the program’s premiere on January 17th.

At 33 years old, Pedro Vianna, known as Scooby, is a fan of “free surfing” and considered one of the biggest in the sport in Brazil. Freesurfers are athletes who surf only and exclusively for fun, without worrying about performance and participating in competitions. For this philosophy that extends to life, it has been the subject of controversy before.

Pedro Scooby and Luana Piovani have public fights about their children

Pedro Scooby and Luana Piovani, his ex-wife, already differed over the upbringing of their three children, Dom, 9, and twins Liz and Bem, 5, of whom they have shared custody since their divorce. Used to public expositions of the controversial relationship of the two, many fans already expect that the comments of the actress are “a reality apart”.

The actress often uses her Instagram to complain about her relationship with her ex-husband, with whom she lived together for eight years, and does not stop displaying her discomfort with the way Scooby takes care of children. Previously, she considered him absent, but later relapsed.

Among the disagreements, Luana has already mentioned the children’s note, which she demands that they be tall while Pedro Scooby said that “seven was good” and the entry of the oldest in the world of skateboarding, who wanted it to be safer, with the use of equipment, in addition to other situations in which he disagreed with the ex’s way of thinking.

Pedro Scooby and Anitta also lived a controversial romance

After the second separation from Luana Piovani, in 2019, the surfer started dating Anitta, with whom he had already been in 2016. Three months later and after controversies with his ex-wife, the relationship came to an end.

Pedro Scooby revealed that Anitta broke up with him over the phone, which led the singer to unfollow her ex, after three months of the brief relationship. “She said it’s over. She needed her time and I respected it. That’s ok. People have their reasons and if the person wants to, you won’t be debating”, he said, at the time.

However, new information aroused controversy: Jojo Todynho revealed that, in fact, the surfer was reluctant to end the relationship after several attempts by Anitta.

“This breakup started since ‘Criança Esperança’. And you: ‘No’, ‘no’. Until the moment she said: ‘I don’t want it anymore, it’s over’. She didn’t break up with you by Whatsapp. days trying”, said the ex-Fazenda.

Pedro Scooby and Cintia Dicker got back together at Carnival 2020 and got married right away

Soon after, in the same month of the end with Anitta, Pedro Scooby engaged in romance with his current wife, Cintia Dicker. The two, in turn, also had the relationship, which initially dispensed with labels, briefly shaken in 2020.

The model and the surfer resumed their relationship in February of that year and signed a stable union in June. In an intimate ceremony, the two married in November. Recently, when commenting on Pedro Scooby’s current wife, Luana Piovani practically confirmed the surfer’s move to “BBB 22”.

A fan asked on Instagram of the participant of “The Masked Singer” from Portugal if she would leave her children with Cintia Dicker during “BBB 22”, and she quickly countered: “She is certainly more responsible than he is. [Pedro Scooby]… But I already told you not to worry about our children.”

Pedro Scooby declined invitation to ‘BBB 20’

That year, before moving to Portugal, Pedro Scooby was called to join the cast of “BBB 20”, the first edition of the reality show that had celebrities among the participants, but he refused.

“They called me to Big Brother, they called me to A Fazenda. Obviously, I’m not going to spit in the air and then fall. Nowadays, I believe it doesn’t have much to do with me”, he told last year in a radio interview. Young pan.

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