Pedro Scooby justifies himself after criticism for moving to Brazil and shoots: ‘You will regret it’

Pedro Scooby announced that he will return to Rio de Janeiro and received a lot of criticism. The surfer will leave Portugal, where the children he had with Luana Piovani live, for the youngest, fruit of his marriage to Cintia Dicker, to be born in Brazil. The surfer used social media to justify himself.

“Internet judges don’t want to know the truth, they just want to judge people. People are judging me because I came to live in Rio de Janeiro. I have my reasons for that and I think that everyone who judged me, the day they find out what reason, they will regret it bitterly”, began the athlete.

Still in Instagram Stories, Pedro stated that he will not abandon his children. According to the athlete, the children will spend 20 days with him and Cintia Dicker, who is pregnant with a girl, during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

“As for my children, I will never abandon them in my life. I live for them. Everyone who lives with me knows that. The difficulties are there for us to overcome them and get around situations. People judge without know the truth,” added Scooby.

Luana Piovani rebuts criticism after venting about her ex’s change


After complaining about Pedro Scooby’s change, Luana Piovani spoke about motherhood and the ex-BBB’s distance from the couple’s three children.

“That’s why education is important. The people have the wrong father reference and think I should be ‘kneeling in the corn’ for a father who wants to see his children (his way) and will pay (hopefully) child support. There is no how not to regret”, vented on social networks.

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