Pedro Rivera, does he really have Parkinson’s?

It had already become common for things to be speculated about the health of Pedro Rivera and he doesn’t say anything about it. However, like everything in life, that came to an end and the singer and producer himself spoke about this gossip, mainly about the ones that pointed him out as a patient with Parkinson’s.

All the theories created had caused his followers to show concern on social networks, because they want to see him in the best possible way so that he can continue with his usual activities. That is why knowing about his state of health had become a very important issue.

The music producer assured that he was in good health and did not have Parkinson’s (Photo: Pedro Rivera / Instagram)


In , Pedro Rivera was consulted about those Parkinson’s rumorswhich was immediately denied by him.

As if that were not enough, he revealed that he feels whole, although he was honest when he said that he has some respiratory problems, which he must maintain carefully in order to avoid major consequences.


According to what he himself expressed, it all started when he told someone he trusted about an accident in the gym that he had years ago, in which he broke some ribs.

After suffering this broken bone, Rivera stayed away from the exercises for two years and the recovery process was very slow, so that sometimes he could not even bring a glass of water to his mouth.

“I made that comment, on one occasion, to a trusted person. I told him that when I wanted to drink coffee, my arm would come up to the middle of my chest. Then, I would start to shake and the cup wouldn’t reach my mouth.”he commented.

By mentioning that trembling, the person who started the rumor would have believed that Pedro Rivera had Parkinson’s, which was recently denied.

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