Pedro Leonardo shows rare photo and honors Poliana: “Mother of the heart”

The host Pedro Leonardoson of the sertanejo Leonardosurprised his Instagram followers last weekend by sharing a rare photo of his stepmother, the influencer Polianawho turned 46 last Sunday (11/13).

On the social network, he posted a photo in which Poliana and Leonardo appear at the beginning of their relationship, and paid tribute to him:

“Do you remember that time, my good mother? Young and in love with daddy. She always treated us with greater affection and respect, @monyqueisabellacosta and I, until our family grew. With the arrival of my brother and his son, @zefelipecantor, I was sure that you would be my good mother forever. I love you! Keep being that perfect woman for daddy and a perfect mother for all of us! Thank you for everything”, he posted, completing with the hashtags #TeAmo and #MãeDeCoração.

The post received a multitude of comments, including from Poliana herself: “I love you so much!”, replied the influencer, completing with a heart emoji.

In the post, Jéssica Beatriz Costa, who is also Leonardo’s daughter, said that she missed Pedro having mentioned his other brothers: “We missed mentioning some brothers, but great”, she posted, starting a sequence of comments and criticisms on the part of of Internet users.

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