Pedro Infante’s “Amorcito corazón”: the story that inspired the song in the movie “We the poor”

What is the story of “Sweet heart“? The song performed by Pedro Infante is one of the most popular songs that remains in force despite the decades. Luis Miguel, for example, was one of the singers who covered it. The Mexican artist interpreted it in “Nosotros the Poor” for the first time, in 1948, becoming famous and a classic. This film also achieved a success that was replicated in two more films that completed the trilogy: “You rich people” and “Pepe El Toro”.

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Pedro Infante was in charge of starring in these stories under the character of Pepe el toro. The interpreter won the affection of the public for the aforementioned role, being one of the most important of his trajectory artistic.

His work in the cinema was also noted for his talent for singing. But what was memorable was when he performed the song “Sweet heart“In front of the character of Celia, his wife in fiction, role played by Blanca Estela Pavón.

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The theme was not composed by Pedro Infante, but by Manuel Esperón, in the musical part, and in Pedro de Urdimalas, who wrote the lyrics and also starred in “We poor” What Voles.

Pedro Infante is one of the most important artists in the history of Mexico. (Photo: EFE)


The song “Sweet heart“, Played by Pedro Infante in”We poor“, written by Pedro de Urdimalas for your girlfriend Elvira. He was going to sing the song on the day of their marriage.

However, fifteen days before the expected wedding, the young woman died in a car crash. This is how he told it Rosalba camacho, daughter of the composer, in an interview with Cinematographic Journalists of Mexico.

In this way, “Sweet heart”Had all the inspiration of love that Pedro de Urdimalas had towards Elvira, who was to be his wife. The lyrics that Pedro Infante immortalized remained as the great memory of the love that was interrupted due to a tragedy.


Silvia Derbez was another of the actresses that Pedro Infante tried to convince to go out with him. The actors starred in the film “They say I’m a womanizer”(1949), one of the first films of the actress and mother of the Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez. In that case, the love story did not cross fiction.

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This project that managed to bring together the singer and the actress was directed by Roberto Rodríguez and also had the participation of Sara García and María Eugenia Llamas, known as La Tucita. The story centers on Pedro Dosamantes (Infante), a young man popular with women, but who is in love with Flor (Silvia Derbez). However, Pedro’s conquest is affected when La Tucita, his presumed daughter, appears.


Antonio Aguilar and Pedro Infante became more friends when they participated in the film “A corner close to heaven”, Premiered in 1952 and directed by Rogelio A. González. From this joint work, the patriarch Aguilar and the “Idol of Mexico”They became more intimate.

In this way, the famous shared a friendship that was also brought to the field of the arts. Because, as noted above, both had great talent for singing and making their audience fall in love.

For this reason, the famous people performed the song together “Night of Stars”. The video of that magical moment has reached YouTube for the celebration of the followers of the deceased geniuses mexicans.

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