Pedestrianization in Millau: a few steps back to reach consensus?

The version of the plan was changed after Monday’s meeting with traders.

Since Monday evening, May 9, the municipality of Millau has been sparing goats and cabbage.

At the end of the meeting she had organized with traders on the pedestrianization of the city center, the first took several steps.

Some back, others forward, but the plan is drawn and the ban on cars will take place on July 1st.

This Friday, May 13, Emmanuelle Gazel, Mayor, and Corine Mora, Quality of Life Assistant, gave the final details of the experiment, version 2, summer 2022.

“We will not block traffic on Bonald, but it will be forbidden to park there”launched in the preamble the mayor who wanted to recall that the action is the result of the consultation carried out with 17 citizens drawn by lot as well as three merchants.

“Of the seven recommendations they made to us, we selected the four most shared. collected from the website and in the ballot box at the reception of the town hall, two means of expression which will return on July 1).

Four recommendations

The four recommendations led to improving the first experiment in 2021.

Thus, the area qualified as“appeased” will not be completely closed. Barriers will indeed limit access from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. to the arteries concerned, except for “rights holders”

who will have to make themselves known beforehand to the municipal police since a license plate recognition system will be put in place. On the parking side, it has been redesigned with a large increase in blue spaces, the duration of which has been limited to 30 minutes. This involves major works which will be voted on during the municipal council of 7 June. A whole bunch of timestamps should be moved, e.g. “,

explained Emmanuelle Gazel.

As an element of response to the preferred July 1 date. And to continue: The strategy that drives us made us understand that we had to start from usage. We put ourselves in the place of the small race and created the blue zone of 30 minutes without tolerance. The area will be very controlled. Sometimes it takes longer to go to the parking meter than to buy bread. This is why the perimeter was widened with 98 additional seats.

Where to park

With 98 additional places, the blue zones near the shops will be increased to 254 by the beginning of July.

They are marked in blue. In red, the zone where parking is limited to two hours; in green, at eight o’clock.

Attention, the municipality promises reinforced controls and more frequent post-parking packages on the windshields of fraudsters. In addition, the La Grave car park has been increased by 90 additional spaces which remain free.

Finally, residential parking with subscription (monthly or more) will soon be set up for residents.

The parking.

The red zone, reduced, remains practically unchanged and its perimeter has not been extended. Finally, on the green zone, a maximum tolerance of eight hours has been decided in order to free up places too occupied by buffer cars. Discs will be distributed, probably in connection with the Office of Trade and Crafts (OCA) of Millau,“but we will allow as many people as possible to have them”

finally detailed Emmanuelle Gazel.

In addition, like last year, places for a free hour at La Capelle will be distributed by merchants. Only 18,000 copies remain.

ASVP and municipal even on Saturday? “It is a wish of elected municipal officials to make municipal police officers and ASVPs work (Public road surveillance officers)

the Saturday.” And if we can obviously understand that this does not delight all of the eleven municipal police officers (PM) and the four ASVPs, Jean Fabre, new head of the PM of Millau assures:

“It’s absurd that they don’t work on Saturdays. I find it abnormal, but I’m not talking about verbalization.” Because, still according to him,“municipal police can verbalize, but do not”

. Will they do it while the reorganization is still under discussion between elected officials and the PM? Answer soon on the windshields. Jean Fabre concludes: “All police officers in France and Navarre work at weekends. I come from a unit where we also worked nights, so I tend to say that it’s the profession that wants that. When you choose to to embrace this profession, you know that you have to respond favorably to schedules.”

The FPS are likely to rain even harder.

The following will be entitled to extended access to the calmed zone: local residents; personal assistance professions; transportation ; funeral ; traders ; holders of a GIG-GIC card; emergency services; public services ; caregivers and people with permission from the town hall for moving, work.

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