Peaky Blinders season 6: Gina (Anya Taylor-Joy) the real enemy of Tommy Shelby?

Peaky Blinders saison 6

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Peaky Blinders season 6 is coming soon (finally) and we wonder if Gina is Tommy Shelby’s real enemy in this final season?

Peaky Blinders is about to come to an end and for this final season it takes a threat to give Tommy Shelby a hard time. Gina Gray arrived early in Season 5 as wife of Michael Gray, fans expect her to greatly disrupt the character’s plans camped by Cilian Murphy. Gina accompanies Michael who has to return quickly to Birmingham because of the stock market crash of 1939. Married during the trip between New York and the United Kingdom, Gina reveals to be also pregnant. Quickly, she pressured Michael to move Shelby Company Limited to New York. Between tensions and betrayal, Tommy Shelby banishes the couple from the family. Steven Knight, the showrunner, has confirmed that we will know more about the life of Gina Gray and her family who already seem very close to Oswald Mosley, played by Sam Claflin, and season 5 antagonist of the series.

Gina in season 6
Gina in season 6 – Credit (s): BBC

Tommy Shelby has a lot of issues to tackle in this final season. Between the failed assassination attempt on Mosley, his old demons which resurface, the disorder in the Changretta family or the mole within his circle, Gina Gray could be the last element causing his total downfall. Far too preoccupied with his personal problems, Tommy could leave Gina aside and let her act without him realizing it. It is good to remember thatshe is partly the cause of the disagreement between Michael and his mother. She is a very good manipulator and calculator, qualities that can lead to the downfall of Tommy Shelby.

Gina Gray the real antagonist

After more than two years of waiting, fans will be able to discover the confrontation between Gina Gray and Tommy Shelby. The last season promises to have a lot of highlights given all the issues that have been entrenched in the last season. Keep in mind that a film is also in the works about the Shelby family, the story is still far from over.

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