Peacemaker: why critics want a second season

Legend has it that peacemaker is the TV show that came as a spin off of the movie Suicide Squadboth contents product of the mind of James Gunnthe director who came to DC Extended Universe with the task of revolutionizing it so as not to lose track of everything that happens in Marvelacross the street, where this Hollywood professional also has a job at Guardians of the Galaxy.

peacemaker positioned itself as one of the most successful products of the streaming platform hbo max following the story of this antihero who survived being shot in the neck by another criminal: Bloodsport. Masterfully played by John Cena, a former wrestler who showed talent for acting and excelled in genres such as action and humor, peacemaker surprised everyone.

The series, written by James Gunn during the filming of the film Suicide Squad, showed its protagonist forming a special team with a group of characters of questionable effectiveness for the task entrusted to them: put an end to an extraterrestrial conspiracy that aims to dominate the world based on the ability of these organisms to control others beings. They are all suspects!

+Peacemaker is celebrated by critics

James Gunn succeeded in revolutionizing DC Extended Universe with this TV series that broke records in hbo max and was very well received by specialized critics. It seems that the adult tone of the humor in the show, added to the excellently executed action sequences and the high production values ​​were an irresistible combo for specialists who praised the program highly.

John Cena is still in solid form on Peacemaker, leading a bloody good time that gives writer-director James Gunn full permission to let his freak flag fly., says the consensus of specialized critics that on Rotten Tomatoes gives the series a solid 94% with a total of 86 reviews. Awesome! This is the best way to support a second season of peacemaker which was already announced by hbo max.

+ The opinion of the critics

-Scott Bryan of “You can bet they had a hell of a lot of fun filming this show.”

-Rafael Motamayor of Observer: “Butts get kicked, friendships solidify, and you have the best joke in the entire history of the DC Extended Universe.”

-Robbie Collin of Daily Telegraph: “It’s a crass, grime-smothered action game and a rousing death drama of the American century – come for the thick, gooey goo but stay for the goo.”

-James White of Empire Magazine: “Gunn hits a bull’s-eye with this series, blending vulgarity, heart and sheer insanity for a killer winning combination, not to mention, an unmissable opening credits sequence you’ll never get tired of watching.”

-Eric Goldam of Fandom: “While it certainly leaves room to do more in season 2, it also feels like it’s telling a full story.”

-Nicolas Delgadillo from Knotfest: “He’s crazy, smart, original and pretty badass to boot.”

-Carmen Phillips of Autostraddle: “While Peacemaker may not be breaking new molds, it thrives on playing to Gunn’s strengths, now brought to the small screen.”

In case all this seems little to you, it is not only specialized criticism that praises peacemaker and is eagerly awaiting the second season of this anti-hero who has more heart than one might believe, but also audiences seem to favor the return of the series to the DCEU with an impressive 89% in 1937 reviews. How are you? hbo max He has everything going for the second season.

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