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If you haven’t watched the first three episodes of Pacifier, avoid this article as it contains spoilers.

THE HBO Max released this Thursday (13) the first three episodes of the first series of DC universe from the cinemas: Pacifier. starring John Cena, she accompanies the Peacemaker after the events of The Suicide Squad (2021). In these initial chapters, the director and screenwriter, James Gunn, took the opportunity to expand, even if subtly, the mythology of DC on the big screen – in this case, on the small screen -, bringing very interesting connections with the universe of comics and connecting the story to other characters that have been presented before. Therefore, CinePOP separated the connections and easter eggs that explore more of the UDC in the first three chapters. Check out!

Justice League

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While the Warner not decide about the future of the DCU in cinemas, the productions that come out will continue to refer to the heroes already established in this universe so far. In the first episodes of Peacemaker, those who become a laughing stock are the Aquaman (Jason Momoa) it’s the Batman (Ben Affleck). While the first is described by the protagonist as someone who has a loving relationship with fish, the second is used by the Peacemaker’s father’s neighbor as an example of true heroism.

Amanda Waller

in the comics, Amanda Waller she was once a mother, and her daughter’s fate was never very good. In addition to stories that ended with the girl’s death, there is a version in which Celine Patterson has the ability to transform into a giant insect.

Already in the series, it is revealed that Waller’s daughter (Viola davis) It’s Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks), a special agent who develops a friendship of sorts with the Peacemaker. As the character was created exclusively for this production, it is not possible to know exactly if she will have any connection with the daughter of the comics. However, as the plot revolves around the butterflies and this “insectification” of the hosts, it may be that the insect version of Amanda Waller’s daughter will be explored.

White Dragon

Speaking of family relationships, the Peacemaker’s father, Auggie Smith (Robert patrick), is shown as an old man asshole, racist, sexist and without any kind of compassion or positive feeling for his own son, which explains the distorted ideals of the protagonist. In the comics, the Peacemaker’s father was the Nazi Wolfgang Schmidt.

In the series, in addition to changing the character’s name, James Gunn turned him into the White Dragon, a supremacist villain who has had several secret identities, the most famous being William Heller, a boy who lost his parents in a race war and ended up growing up under the influence of his grandfather, who supported the racist ideals of the Nazis. Thus, he becomes a villain destined to have an Aryan world. He uses his engineering skills to create an outfit that gives him more strength and endurance to carry the “Fourth Reich” forward.


While the Peacemaker got on the Economos agent’s patience (Steve Agee), the hacker cites that even the Bat-Mirim can be nicer than him. A joke among DC fans, this character is a super-powered goblin who came from a dimension in which DC heroes are worshiped. Thus, he often visits his favorite bat, always ending up in confusion, since, in addition to having many powers and willingness to help his idol, he is completely clueless. And for your company to be more boring than the Bat-Mite, that means you’ve gone too far on the strapless suitcase scale.

Now an official part of the DCU, the Bat-Mite had already been mentioned by James Gunn a few times on his social media, in which he described the character as one of his favorites in the comic book world. That is, this easter egg bringing the suitcase leprechaun to the DC Universe must have been a huge personal accomplishment for the director.

Little thumb

Fruit of the Golden Age of comics, the Little thumb He was the first comic book superhero with the power to get small. next to Polegarzinha, he faced the Nazis and large insects that suddenly appeared.

During a dialogue with his new team, the Peacemaker starts to go down the woods on the homunculi and how these little men were controlled by Little Thumb, who had already bothered him several times, including in a very intimate moment, so to speak. That is, one more hero that no one expected was introduced in the DCU.

The new episodes of Pacifier premiere every Thursday, only on HBO Max.

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