‘Peacemaker’: James Gunn Explains Why He Wanted to Make a Series of the Character for HBO Max

Among so many interesting characters from the movie ‘The Suicide Squad‘, the Peacemaker (John Cena) was eventually chosen as the subject of a spinoff TV series HBO Max.

But why the Peacemaker?

During an interview for the channel Supes, the director James Gunn was asked the same question, to which he replied:

“First, I really got along with John Cena. We became good friends during the recordings. He’s a funny guy and I thought it would be fun to continue working with him.”

He continued:

“I also think that a lot of the other characters that we saw in ‘The Suicide Squad‘, had significant changes. We could see a development in Rathunter 2, in Bloodthirsty, in Polka Dots… Peacemaker is the only one that remains as it was at the beginning of the film. John and I talked about where the character came from, who he was, who his father was and all these different things that we didn’t see in the movie. So I knew there was a lot more history to explore.”

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Anyone who has followed the character in the comics knows that there is a lot more complexity to him than just a colorful costume, a big gun and a shiny helmet, as shown in the movie.

In the source material, the Peacemaker has a controversial past, as he is descended from Nazi bloodlines and believes his helmet contains the voices of his family’s victims.

This is an element that can be inserted into the series, as revealed Gunn.

“You’ll also find out a few things about the Peacemaker’s helmet in the series, something we didn’t find out in the squadron movie. You will find out a lot of different things about the character… What are his talents, what are his weaknesses, but there will also be plenty of room for his team.”

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Remembering that the production will be launched in HBO Max no January 13th.

a few days ago, Gunn released a new trailer packed with action, brawling and humor.

In the scenes, we see the titular character played by John cena trying to teach ‘good manners’ to elementary school students, as well as getting into a fight with the Judomaster (Nhut Le).

During the fight, he nearly hits the Watcher (Freddie Stroma), a masked assassin who tries to become his best friend.

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“Check out the R+D trailerPeacemaker‘ and get ready for the craziest trip ever in January 13, on HBO Max.”

By the way, fans of DC are already curious to know whether derived from ‘The Suicide Squad’ There will be post-credits scenes.

In another publication, Gunn was asked the same question by a fan.

In response, he assured that every episode of the series will come with post-credits scenes.

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“‘Peacemaker‘ will there be any post-credits scenes?”, asked the fan.

to what Gunn he responded:

“In every episode! It’s my way of giving you guys something special for watching our work team credits.”

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The series will explore the origins of the character played by Cena, a man who believes in peace at all costs – no matter how many people he has to kill for it.

James Gunn also writes the script for the series, in addition to directing several episodes.

In addition to starring, Cena also serves as an executive producer on the project.

The cast also has Danielle Brooks, Robert patrick, Nhut Le e Freddie Stroma, in addition to bringing the return of Steve Agee e Jennifer Holland, who will reprise their roles from the film.

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