Peacemaker: Actor comments insane season 2

Peacemaker has a second season confirmed. The Suicide Squad spin-off series had a great ending through the direction of James Gunn, expectations for the sequel are high, and the show’s actor has detailed information about the plot.

Robert Patrick, who plays Auggie Smith, the White Dragon, during a podcast from TV Line joked with the interviewer, when asked about the new season: “I hope I get to work, because I’m dead”.

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In the final episode of the first part, Auggie Smith dies at the hands of the protagonist, but in the final scene, he returns as a ghost or traumatic manifestation in the Peacekeeper’s mind.

“To be honest with you, I think this might be the funniest thing ever, with the dad as the ghost.” Said the actor on the podcast. “In my own mind, I’m trying to think of the scenarios that James is going to come up with, and there’s a lot he could do. It’s unlimited, ’cause I’m a dung ghost, man!” (via The Direct).

The Peacemaker will have an internal dilemma to address in the second year of the show, James Gunn is a huge fan of DC, and will have plenty of content to explore in the series.

The Suicide Squad spinoff is on HBO Max

Peacemaker on HBO Max

Peacemaker, a series derived from The Suicide Squad, has its first season on HBO Max – already renewed for a second. The production is developed by James Gunn.

In the events of The Suicide Squad, the Peacekeeper ends up turning against the rest of the team on Amanda Waller’s orders. This results in the Peacekeeper being left for dead by the Bloodthirsty.

After the film’s story, John Cena’s character survives and is recruited into a special show as a solo agent, forming the basis of the series for HBO Max.

While Peacemaker expands the DC universe, it remains to be seen whether it will actually have significant connections to productions other than Suicide Squad.

The Peacemaker series stars John Cena. He is best known for his successful WWE career.

Peacemaker is available on HBO Max.

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