Pd-Verdi-Left, agreement of necessity: “Together not to govern, but to prevent the right from changing the Charter”. Incompatibilities with Calenda

A marriage of convenience. Or, to put it to the Enrico Read, of necessity. Because the electoral law requires agreements, because loneliness in the polls favors the right. And it must be prevented. The secretary of the Democratic Party says it clearly, in different words from those used to present the agreement with the Action of Charles Calenda. Which is not a marriage of love, for heaven’s sake, but it certainly seems to have greater convergences than this with Italian left and Verdi. Objective? Always the leader dem: “It is not a government agreement, but a pact to prevent Salvini and Meloni from taking a majority that would allow them to change the Constitution.” Result: united, but each with their own program, with their own ideas.

Of course, then it remains to be seen how Letta will manage to combine some differences evident between the program of Calenda and that of Fratoianni And Bonelli: on nuclear power, on structural eco-bonuses, on the renewable energy plan, on the brake on gas exports, on the safeguarding of citizenship income Action And Yes-Verdi they speak a profoundly different language. There will be time to understand if a synthesis will be possible. Also because, moreover, the text of today’s agreement is symptomatic of history (especially recent) and of the differences between the Democratic Party and the new allies: as usual the first clear break is on the experience of the Draghi government. Textual: “We are aware of the differences in positions that we have expressed with respect to the experience of Draghi governmentwhich among us was strongly supported by the Democratic Party alone – we read at the beginning of the agreement – But we also know that due to the electoral law, the next Parliament, in the event of an electoral agreement between the progressive and ecological forces, risks being dominated from the right “.

Hence the marriage of necessity, or of convenience what to say if you want: “We don’t want it and we will fight to avoid it. Our agreement was created to respond to this need which we consider a priority for the future of Italy. We are aware differences between us – it is reiterated – and we will therefore present ourselves to Italian citizens each with their own electoral program, their own list, their own leadership, their own vision on the future of Italy, despite the common desire to give this country a turning point in a progressive sense and ecologist“. Because yes, in the agreement there are a series of fixed points: renewables and the environmental issue, contrasting social, generational and territorial inequalities, attention to the world of work and the fight against abuses in this sector. But then there are the numbers, the real points of the contract, the division of assets. In this sense, the contractors divide everything, even the appeared on TV: “We will work to identify common candidates in single-member constituencies according to a ratio of 80 to 20 between the Democratic Party on the one hand and Verdi and SI on the other – we read – by deducting the nominations for other coalition forces. This percentage will be applied to the different groups of colleges. The same criterion – it is still written – always binding only in the relationship between PD on the one hand and Verdi and SI on the other, will also be applied to the rules for the distribution of television spaces“.

A percentage (80 Pd, 20 Si + Verdi) that makes you rethink the conditions torn from Charles Calenda (70 Pd, 30 Action), certainly more advantageous than those guaranteed by the Pd to Fratoianni and Bonelli, who in any case can be satisfied with what they have brought home in numerical terms. At least on paper: reality is something else. Why, it must be said, the agreement on single-member colleges it is a pact on water, because then you have to win those colleges in the polls to bring home the seat and because the game is still to be written about the geographical choice of the pawns to be deployed on the chessboard. In this sense, it is all to be interpreted that “percentage applied to the different groups of colleges ”, which can be read in the text of the agreement: if the breakdown should take place depending on the contestability of the college in question, for the Democratic Party it could prove to be a weapon a double cut.

On the other hand, the hope delivered by the Assembly of Italian left to your secretary Fratoianni: extend the agreement also to the 5 Star Movement, against the will of Carlo Calenda and at the risk of blowing up the pact between the Democratic Party and the Action. In this sense, Enrico Letta was clear: there are no margins to reopen the dialogue with the 5 Stars, “we made a choice of consistency“. Who still hopes to snatch something from the Democratic Party is instead Luigi Di But I. Confined to a non-edifying right of the forum and mortified by the polls that see his Civic commitment relegated to a little zero point, the former political leader of the 5 Stars continues to talk to Letta accompanied by his trust Tobaccos. To have what? It is not known. But the Democratic Party in this period is generous with gifts. In the name of Constitution and against the right.

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