Pd, the crux of sending arms to the Assembly: ‘With Schlein greater commitment to diplomacy’. ‘We do not excommunicate those who ask for a truce’

“Peace is not a dirty wordclearly must be right. We must continue fully support the Ukrainian peoplewho has the right to defend himself, but we must ask for a protagonism of the EU for a diplomatic effort“. In her first official report as PD secretary, on the day of the ratification of the dem National Assembly, Elly Schlein has returned to claim greater efforts on behalf of the party in the peace process on theUkraine, starting from the commitment ofEuropean Union. Of course, as already reiterated in New York Timeson‘sending weapons in Kiev the dem position has not changedcompared to that carried out by the secretariat of Enrico Letta. Choice blessed by the former secretary himself, who cuts short: “It is the party line…“. A decision that, at the moment, also divides the dem from the M5s of Joseph Conte, beyond the dialogue reopened with the photo of Florence: “Schlein? The war aspect”, warned the 5 Star president himself, interviewed by Everyday occurrence.

Yet, among dem parliamentarians and members of the National Assembly, sensitivity towards the peace process seems to have changed, especially among those who support the new democratic course. “The point is not to deny what we have done so far. The point is: can the left suffer the blackmail of those who excommunicate those who ask for a truceif not possible necessary”, he warns Gianni Cuperlo, speaking at the dem national assembly underway in Rome. And again: “Schlein has expressed a clear position (on sending arms to Kiev, ed). But it is clear that we cannot limit ourselves to this. Ukraine must have the right and the possibility to defend itself, it is sacrosanct. But we must at the same time relaunch the prospect of a truce and a cease-fire, then that the negotiation is reopened. The path is narrow, but we must keep going.”

Mashed potato Andrew Orlando warns: “Did I expect different words about weapons? No, Schlein said what he had to, but the news I see is one stronger attention to the diplomatic initiative. Today it is more urgent, I know that the road does not pass through a dialogue with Russia, which is not an interlocutor, but must be sought, involving those countries that can put pressure on Putin and that had remained on the sidelines”. “I think this primary vote told us, ‘Change, change‘” he also warns Laura Boldrini, who did not participate in the votes in the Chamber of Deputies in the last parliamentary extension for the transfer of military vehicles, materials and equipment in favor of Kiev. “Schlein on weapons does not change? True, but I noticed how the secretary put more emphasis on the theme of peace. This it opens up a greater space in us ‘pacifists’“, specifies the former president of the Chamber. “Elly’s story is also a story of peace, even if she voted in favor of arms in the Chamber. What makes me more serene than in the past is that now those like me who are opposed to this line are allowed to be able to express this opinion, without end up on proscription lists”the new member of the National Assembly, the former ‘Sardina’, joins Crystal Jasmine. And the Senator too Graziano Delriovoice of the Catholic dem world who had already raised doubts and perplexities about the party’s strategy in the past, warns: “I hope that in 2023 let’s talk more about diplomacy, more than a run-up to arms. Radicalism on some issues, such as peace and migrants, does not scare us, on the contrary”.
Another who did not vote in line with the Pd group is Arthur Scottwho returns with colleagues di Article One among the dem: “Disappointed about weapons? It seems to me that Schlein has cleared the word peace compared to one culture of the inevitability of war which had also become an alphabet in the centre-left”. And Boldrini attacks: “Our position is not that of the United States. We are in NATO, but we must have our place, because inOur interests do not match those of America”. Words, however, that at the moment remain in the list of declarations. “You need one initiative parliamentarian of the Democratic Party? I don’t know, we’ll see, now we’ll see. It certainly is in the program”.

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