Pd primaries, there is still no agreement on online voting: the National Directorate postponed by six and a half hours to avoid public counting

Has been moved from 12:30 to 19 the beginning of National directorate of the Pd who will have to decide the primary rules, scheduled (for now) on February 19th. Despite the continuous meetings between the staff of the four candidates for the secretariat, in fact, agreement has not yet been found on the most discussed point: the hypothesis of adding the possibility of adding vote online. Pushing for this solution is the main challenger, the deputy Elly Schleinwhile the favorite Stefano Bonaccini (governor of Emilia-Romagna) was clearly opposed, as were the other two competitors: the former minister Paula DeMicheli and (to a lesser extent) the former party chairman Gianni Cuperlo.

After a whole day of negotiations, the “sherpas” of the four committees met again at 8 on Tuesdaybut the morning didn’t help to unblock the impasse: hence the decision to postpone the Directorate of six and a half hoursto avoid a public account which would have deleterious effects on the image of the party, already at an all-time low in polls. One of the mediation hypotheses is to limit online voting to only members of the Democratic Party (instead of allowing it to everyone). An appeal attributed to sources in the Schlein area appeared on the agencies late Monday evening: “Online voting is a fact of identity that invests the idea of ​​a party, a party that we want to be broad and inclusive, one that opens up to the outside. Because we must have fear of participation?”.

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