Pd, Letta proposes a pact for the Quirinale. "Berlusconi divisive, president both super partes"

Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party (Ansa)

Rome, January 15, 2022 – The race for the election to the Quirinale comes alive. After the decision of the center right to ask Silvio Berlusconi to dissolve the reserve, now is the Pd to speak by proposing a ‘closed package’ that guarantees a president of the Republic super partes and the continuation of Draghi government. “The proposal I make is addressed to all political forces, both to our allies and to those who have closed the doors to dialogue, a wrong choice: we want to reopen the doors for the good of the country”, said the secretary Enrico Letta opening the joint meeting of the national leadership and the parliamentary groups dem.

“We propose an initiative that creates a pact of legislature to complete it in natural times, made of three points: the election of one or an institutional president of the Republic, super partes, a guarantee for all; the strong choice to give energy so that the next 14 months of government are effective continuously but with renewed energy; complete the reforms for good policy, “explained Letta.

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Among the objectives of the pact for the Quirinale – continued the Pd secretary – there are those of “limiting the phenomenon of parliamentary transformism, which is one of the elements of greatest distance of citizens from institutions, up to our availability, which we have always given, to fix the electoral law, which is not the most beautiful electoral law we could have. ”

“All things that require a general agreement, starting from the majority forces, to renew the legislative pact. The challenges need a large pact of legislature“, he insisted.” That of the center-right is a profoundly wrong choice, that of nominating the most divisive political leader that there can be – he said again -. Every political leader is divisive, but when we think about Silvio Berlusconi is the story of the past 25 years it is difficult to think of a more divisive political leader than he is“.

The dem secretary stressed the importance of “protect the figure of Mario Draghi”. “It is fundamental for the strength of our country – Bed said -. I have the impression that we play as if we could allow ourselves not to have, as the North Star that the country must have, the fundamental card of Draghi’s credibility”.

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