Pd, Congress times cut. Provenzano: “Real constituent? Narrow space, it is not clear if the trial is safe “

After the controversy over the long duration of the Congress, the assembly of the Democratic Party approved with 553 votes in favour, 21 against and 36 abstentions the statutory changes proposed by the secretary Enrico Letta: le primaries they will thus be brought forward from March 12 to February 19th to speed up the process, as requested in particular by the reformist wing of the party, which is preparing to nominate the governor of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini, whose race could be announced shortly.

Neither Bonaccini himself, nor Elly Schlein or other possible candidates (from Matthew Ricci to Dario Nardella as far as Vincent DeLuca) however, they participated in the presence of the dem National Assembly, covering the papers. Matteo Ricci, with the meeting in progress, announced an event for next Friday in Rome on his proposals for the Democratic Party. Dario Nardella has been calling a public meeting for days on November 27th. Di Stefano Bonaccini is awaiting the announcement of the descent into the field for tomorrow in an event in Campogalliano. Likewise the leaders remained silentfrom Dario Franceschiniuntil Andrew Orlando, also not present in Rome. All the while during the assembly there was no shortage of a process to the currents themselvesbetween requests for dissolution and agendas presented.

To protest about times cut instead it was mostly the inside leftwith the outgoing deputy secretary dem Joseph Provenzano: “Self will be true Constituent? I’m glad I saved this discussion because there were those who wanted to collapse it. NoI’m not sure the trial is safe constituent,” he attacks.

“A true constituent phase could have been imagined, a middle path is being chosen. I understand that but it’s not always the best solution,” he explained as well Gianni Cuperlo. And Provenzano himself warned: “Some of us they are just waiting for this count of the primaries. I often see two parties within us, but there cannot be two parties in one. I think that on some issues we need a slash”. Instead, he ruled out a possible candidacy Francesco Boccia, after his name had also been mentioned, together with that of De Luca: “I am giving my contribution to my political community. The last thing I think about is adding more nominations to an already high number. But I won’t give up saying what I think. If we had made the alliance made to the Administratives to the Policies we would have won ”, he cut short.

Then there is also the node of the regional, in Lazio And Lombardy, with the division between the dem and the M5s and the risk of a repetition of the defeat of the Policies: “I am happy that we have a good candidate who governed with the 5S and I see no reason why the M5S citizens should break the alliance. Since the M5S there have only been national reasons. This is not a question of building an alliance but of breaking it, because it exists. D’Amato has had the mandate to broaden the coalition and he is doing it well. I renew my appeal, we have experienced badly the election of La Russa, Fontana, della Meloni and now we must avoid being the protagonists of the election of the fourth monocratic figure of the right. To err is human but to persevere is diabolical”, was the last appeal of the outgoing president, Nicola Zingaretti.

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