Pd, Bonaccini improvises a rally standing on a chair in Caserta: “M5s and Third Pole oppose the government and not us”

Impromptu rally on a chair for Stefano Bonaccini in the square in front of the Belvedere complex of San Leucio a Caserta. The meeting, initially scheduled in an internal room of the historic former silk factory of Caserta, had to take place outdoors because the number of people over 500was far greater than the capacity of the hall. The candidate for the secretariat of the Democratic Party has therefore decided to remain in the open. “I get on a chair for everyone to hear me, as in the rallies of the 70s“, Bonaccini began amused at the beginning of his speech. The initiative lasted about an hour. “My fear is not that the Democratic Party will disappear” said the candidate for the secretariat, “but that it will become irrelevant. Our nature is to be a majority party, and I will make that happen. To the M5s and the Third Pole I say: oppose the government and not us ”.

Facebook video/Mimmo Volpe

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