Pd, agreement with Verdi / Si. Then Read: "There is also an agreement with Di Maio"

Rome, 6 August 2022 – Elections 25 September And alliances in the center left. Double agreement for the Pd which first signs the agreement with Italian Left and Verdi Europe then the one with Civic Commitment of Luigi Di Maio And Bruno Tabacci . “With these complicated discussions closed, now we roll up our sleeves and go to the territories. Now the real electoral campaign begins”, explains the secretary dem Enrico Letta. “On our shoulders lies the responsibility” of not having a “right-wing” government, he adds.

The agreement with Verdi and Si

“I’m happy of this electoral agreement, necessary in our opinion, because this electoral law obliges to make agreements, loneliness is penalized “, said, in a press conference, the secretary dem Enrico Letta , underlining that this agreement “moves on a different level” compared to that with Action, which took its cue from support for the Draghi government. Sui single-member seats the agreement reached by the Democratic Party with Verdi and Si is 80% (Pd) and 20% (Verdi-Si). “On our shoulders – adds Letta – lies the responsibility” of not having a “right-right” government.

Nicola Fratoianni, secretary of the Italian Left, underlines that “it is not an agreement for a government program”. “What unites us, even with our differences that must not become an obstacle to convergence” – he continues – is the opposition to the right who want “to change the Constitution in the sense of presidentialism and increase inequalities” and propose policies tainted by ” racism and xenophobia “. We will introduce ourselves to the Italians with clear words, each with their own program and leadership, with their own ideas – concludes Fratoianni -. Together we will fight, each with their own strength, to avoid that the right governs the government of the country “.

“It cannot be indifferent whether one is on one side or the other, giving seats to these extreme rightists is not ethically acceptable, even before being political – says, for his part, the co-spokesman of Europa Verde, Angelo Bonelli , also at a press conference -. And therefore today building a broad democratic front, despite its differences, is fundamental and decisive for us. For us today a new phase is opening, we must concentrate our energies to build that consensus in the country to beat this extreme right, this is our commitment today “.

The agreement with civic commitment

Immediately after the conference with Verdi and Si, Letta meets Di Maio and Tabacci to the Nazarene. A couple of hours and the dem secretary announces the agreement with civic commitment. “to go together in the uninominali of the electoral law”. “We also agreed on a relationship between us identified in the ratio of 92 to 8”, says Letta, underlining that, “the Civic Engagement list wants to be an important reference point for the civic world and the territories, there is the interest of many mayors and civic lists “. We will think about the aspects related to the right to stand, the list will make the decisions and communicate them to us “, continues the secretary of the Democratic Party.

“The coalitions are defined, they are clear – says the Foreign Minister -. Never as at this moment does talking about territory, families and businesses mean talking about foreign policy. We see it, everything depends on European and international tables, such as the PNRR, such as the major interventions that we must make in the area for climate change. Everything is based on the credibility of Italy. A credibility that would not exist with the right “. “We are absolutely convinced of this alliance and this one understood on the basis of the Draghi agenda “, adds Di Maio.

No to alliance with the M5s

The National Assembly of the Italian Left, which had “mandated the national secretary and the secretariat of check the possibility to make an agreement with the Democratic Party on single-member constituencies “, he also asked” to work because such an agreement ” was “also extended to the M5S “A request, the latter, declined by the Democratic Party, which he confirmed “the unwillingness to reopen the discussion on the perimeter of alliances already decided “. With regard to the 5-star Movement – explained Letta – there was a “choice of consistency made from the beginning” because the decision “to bring down the government led to the fact that we are almost obliged” to work in defense of the Constitution. .

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