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PayManager There is a salary bill preparation system suggested for Rajasthan state government employees. It gives average and joined the platform to establish the workers’ cover bill.

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  • PayManager cycle Government of Rajasthan by approx 2011 was started in
  • If any administrative representative working in Rajasthan face any problem regarding their compensation then salary manager is an excellent and helpful tool for them.
  • It consists of persons who are representatives of the Public Authority Department on many issues. Also, at present, practically most of the branches of the Government of Rajasthan have been added/involved.
  • The portal not only gives the preparation of payment fees to the workplaces but also DA arrear , Bonus , arrears and prepares leave encashment bills.
  • Intended to show all the insights about the installment of the representatives working under the public authority.
  • if you Rajasthan one working in There are also administrative representatives , so you of salary manager You should think about it as it can remove all the problems related to your compensation.
  • Salary Manager is a site created by the Government of Rajasthan for the representatives working in the Government of Rajasthan, which will take care of each and every issue identified with their compensation.
  • use salary manager Pay slip Received to do And of salary with each of data can be used to identify.

How to login to PayManager?

The login cycle in PayManager is simple. For this you will need a laptop or PC, which has internet office facility. Salary Manager can be used to get Compensation Slip and identify each data with salary.

Phase 1: First of all, you have to open the authority site of Pay Manager on your laptop or PC.

Step 2: Her For this, you have to open any program and supplement the pay url of pay manager which is PayManager2.raj.nic.in.

Step 3: If you want, you can also open Pay Manager’s site by tapping on it directly.

Step 4: Then a page will open in front of you, in which you will have to enter your username and password.

Step 5: If you do not have any information about your customer name and password, you can Forgot username or password You can know or change by clicking on Gone, the complete cycle of which will be given to you in this article.

Step 6: After entering the username, password and manual human test code, you will have three options:


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the division


Now select it in any of these three offices (divisions) and click on the catch of login later. You will currently be effectively signed in to PayManager.

What is Rajasthan Paymanager DDO Login?

Rajasthan Paymanager DDO Login is used to generate Pay Bill, DA Dues, Salary Arrears Bill, Leave Encashment, Retirement Bill, FVC Bill, Surrender Bill etc.

How to login DDO on Rajasthan Paymanager paradise nothing?

To login DDO paymanager you have to follow some steps, these are as follows:

Step 1: Click here https://paymanager2.raj.nic.in/

Step 2: A login screen will open in front of you. Enter your username, password and captcha.

Step 3: Now select DDO option

Step 4: Click on Login option.

How to reset Pay Manager account password?

Paymanager2.raj.nic.in Forgot Password: To change PayManager password, you need to follow the given steps.

  • You have to go to the login page on the Pay Manager site.
  • Click Forgot Password.
  • Now another page will open in front of you, in which you have to fill your data, for example, – Employee ID, Bank Account Number, Date of Birth and mobile number which is enrolled in your office.
  • Now you have to verify your mobile number through OTP.
  • After this another page will open in front of you in which you have to set your new password at that time, after tapping the confirm button your password will be reset.

How to Download Salary Slip from Salary Manager?

Download Pay Slip (PaySlip)

After logging in to your Pay Manager account, you need to tap on Pay Slip, for example, on the left-side Employee Corner, after selecting the Pay Slip option and later, after selecting (date), your Pay Slip The slip can be downloaded in PDF format. You can do this on both your portable or work area (PC) without much strain. Or you can follow the given steps to download the salary slip from Pay Manager:

  • Visit the official website of PayManager https://paymanager2.raj.nic.in/.
  • Select DDO/Employee login option
  • Enter your username and password
  • Enter the Captcha code given there
  • Select Employee from the list of options
  • Click on Login Button
  • You will see your login id along with your name at the top of the page
  • Select Employee Corner
  • Now, Click on Pay Slip Option
  • Select the month and year of the slip from the drop down boxes
  • Click on submit button
  • a file will be downloaded
  • Go to download folder and click on file to locate your pay slip

How to refresh employee’s salary in Salary Manager?

First of all, before taking any kind of charge, it is necessary to change the pay rates of the representatives of the office.

To refresh workers compensation –

  • Firstly select the option of Bill Processing.
  • After that select the option of Salary Preparation.
  • After selecting this option, click on the option of Employee Salary Details and from here you can undoubtedly refresh the compensation of the representative of the office.

How to make Salary Bill in Pay Manager?

  1. Open Paymanager.nic website in any internet browser.
  2. In this login as DDO/Employee and later after clicking there, you will get 5 options.
    1. ddo login
    2. employee login
    3. digital login
    4. department login
    5. sub ddo login

You have to tap on DDO option to charge office or school. Otherwise, you can tap on the option identified with the task that needs to be billed or finished.

  • After this, enter the login ID of your office and the name of the client.
  • After filling the password at that time, you have to fill the captcha code which is appearing on your screen which will be of 5 characters.
  • Now whatever compensation bill or any other charges you have to pay, you can do that from here.

What is the difference between PayManager and PayManager2?

• Like PayManager, PayManager 2 (https://paymanager2.raj.nic.in) is a site explicitly made for individuals working in the staff sector.

• Through this site, customers can send bills like electricity charges, water bills, cherries charges, travel bills and many more.

HOD Registration in Paymanager Rajasthan

You need to check the below mentioned steps for HOD registration:-

  • Payamanger2raj.nic.in Go to
  • Select the HOD Registration link on the home page.
  • Now the registration form will appear on the screen.
  • Select your department, fill IFMS username and IFMS password and verify IFMS credentials
  • If there is a mismatch in your account details a dialog box will appear on the screen showing that the username and password are not the same as the IFMS login
  • After verifying your credentials now you have to search personal details by employee id or nicuid.
  • Now enter your Employee ID / nicuid.
  • Enter your running mobile number. An OTP will be sent on it.
  • Afterwards you have to generate OTP and enter the same for authentication
  • Now press the Registration tab.
  • After successfully registering as HOD, you can log in to the portal by submitting the login details.

Note: You will need to download the ActiveX control for HOD registration.

Digital Signature Registration Process

Before starting this process first login your DSM (Digital Sign Modem).

To register digital signature of DDO on Paymanager, follow these steps:

  • Login to DDO PayManager.
  • Click on DDO Certificate Registration
  • Now enter the name and mobile number of the DDO.
  • After this an OTP will come on the mobile number of the DDO.
  • Click on Verify Contact
  • Now, enter the OTP and click on Show Certificate.
  • After clicking on “Show certificate”, DDO Digital Signature box will open in front of you, click on “OK”.
  • After that click on submit button.
  • After this the digital signature of DDO will be sent to the concerned treasury for verification.
  • To get the Treasury verified, the DDO will send a letter to the concerned Treasury to verify the digital sign, which will be verified by the Treasury Office on a letter basis.
  • Once the digital signature is verified by the Treasury Office, you can bill through the digital sign.

Paymanager DSC (Digital Sign) installation and ActiveX control setting

It is mandatory to have Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11 , to make bill digital signature song on Paymanager

ActiveX Control Settings

  • After that click on Security (1) and then Custom Level (2). To remove the tick on Enable Protected Mode.
  • In Security click on Internet Options and follow the settings.

2. Scripting:- All Setting Are →Enable

Note: Even after doing the above setting, if any EROOR comes, then click on Trusted Sites in Security itself and enable all setting in ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins and ScRipting.

PRI Payment Manager

PRI Paymanager is pay bill generation system. It was developed for the Panchayati Raj employees of the Government of Rajasthan. It provides common and integrated platform for preparation of salary bills of Panchayati Raj employees. This software is not only providing the facility of preparation of salary bills but also DA arrears, bonus, arrears Also providing facility for the preparation of

How to login to PRI Paymanager?

To login to PRI Paymanager, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit here.
  • On the right corner you will see the login screen.
  • Here enter your username, password and captcha.
  • Select one of these options
    1. DDO
    2. Staff
    3. Department
    4. Deputy DDO
  • Now, click on the login button.

PRI Paymanager HELPLINE विवरण

E mail ID: [email protected]

Customer Care Number: 0141511100

Objectives of Salary Manager:-

  • Pay Manager Gateway contains all the business details, for example, salary slips, annual salary details, leave, benefit details, advances, etc. For simple reference.
  • For employees to access this entry, they must have login details such as username and secret key.
  • Rajasthan Govt Teacher Salary Slip: Raj Teacher can likewise download their Month by Month and Annual Compensation Slip from this Salary Slip web-based interface by login their recognition.

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