Pavlo’s plan for the first 100 days: He set 24 homework assignments

The individual »beavers« that he wants to acquire relate primarily to domestic politics. But there is also one for abroad. You are quite Pavel outlined 24 tasks in 8 areas. In addition to things that are directly related to the functioning of Prague Castle, the president would also like to fulfill goals that are part of the broader functioning of Czech politics. And all this during the first 100 days in office, which is usually given as a period of advocacy for someone new to the position. Not so Pavel. “That wouldn’t be me. I’d rather be criticized for starting too actively,” he already said during his inaugural address.

It works, but…

Although there is not much that the head of state wants to accomplish, according to the political scientist Lukáš Jelínek that is within her power to fulfill. “One hundred days is quite a long time. The president, on the other hand, does not have so many officially given duties,” advance shot for Aha! political scientist “But it’s true that you set the bar very high. Because if he promises this for the first 100 days, then similar, if not greater, activity will be required of him in the subsequent period as well,” Jelínek added.


1) Opening of Prague Castle to the public

The first area that Pavel mentions in his plan is the process of opening the Castle to citizens. He would like to relax some security measures in consultation with the police. And to the maximum extent that the law enforcement officers will allow. The control frames that visitors have to pass through could disappear. First, however, the overall effectiveness of the measure must be evaluated. It should be clear in April. Pavel wants to open the seat of the Czech presidents also from a cultural point of view and wants to negotiate with architects about the revitalization of the Castle.

2) Transparent and regular communication

Pavel has already fulfilled part of this point. Namely when he introduced regular Monday briefings for the media, where he presents his program and upcoming steps. He also wants to modernize the official website of the president and also focus on the young generation. “I’m a little more skeptical at this point. It’s always nice to say that to politicians, but it’s very difficult to get the attention of the younger generation. I don’t think any external communicators or influencers will help here. This is a matter that he will have to work out himself,” says Jelínek.

Petr Pavel visiting Poland: Meeting with the head of the Polish Senate Tomas Tomasz Grodzky. (16/03/2023)

3) Compliance with the rules in the office of the President

Pavel wants to carry out checks in the Office of the President of the Republic (KPR) and both contributory organizations. That is, to the Lány Forest Administration and the Prague Castle Administration. These should relate to the transparency of management. In addition, he wants to prevent wasteful handling of public money through modern management methods. “It is primarily a reaction to the manner in which he performed the presidency Miloš Zeman and his associates. Apparently, there was chaos at the highest levels,” the political scientist thinks.

4) Increasing political culture in the country

Pavel wants to implement this point primarily through frequent negotiations with constitutional officials and politicians. “I will call for regular meetings between the prime minister and the chairman of the strongest opposition party with the aim of finding common points of contact,” the head of state wrote in his notebook. “I think that he is primarily interested in changing the perception of the position of the president of the republic, not so much in terms of constitutional powers, but rather in terms of his specific behavior and appearance,” mentioned Jelínek.

5) Expert leadership of the country

Another goal is to introduce a team of advisers to areas that Pavel considers to be key: economy, energy, pension reform, constitutional law, environment, social policy and education. The president also wants to meet with them on a regular basis and look for solutions to problems in the above-mentioned areas. “If Petr Pavel wants to accept the presidential position a little more honestly and precisely, then I think it will only be good,” said Jelínek.

6) The Czech Republic as a reliable foreign partner

“I will visit all the neighboring countries, meet with their leaders and agree on steps to deepen mutual cooperation,” Pavel “brings” in this part of the plan. He already visited Slovakia and Poland this week. He will go to Germany next. In addition, he also wants to go to Ukraine and meet the highest representatives of the EU and NATO.

7) Help with problems of citizens in the regions

Even before his inauguration, Pavel visited Karlovy Vary and the Ústí Region. He wants to continue traveling in other regions. “In the first 100 days, I will visit Moravskoslezský and two other regions,” he mentioned. In addition, the head of state also wants to create a team of experts for relations with regions, local communities and civil society. “After all, the president is only the second player in the executive branch after the government. The president is expected to take rather soft steps, consultative or those that lead to moderating the discussion,” Jelínek pointed out regarding Pavlov’s plan.

8) Responsible appointment of constitutional judges

One of the president’s powers is also the appointment of men and women in robes to the Constitutional Court (ÚS). Here, Pavel is going to present a transparent process for their selection. At the very beginning of his presidency, he will have the opportunity to appoint the first three candidates to the ÚS. But he will still have to confirm them with the Senate. “The approval process of constitutional judges itself can take some time. Before the president chooses, before his choice is debated by the Senate. Although I assume that there probably won’t be any major complications,” mentioned Jelínek. However, Paul’s judges could already be involved in deciding on the coalition’s lower June valorization of pensions. He intends to send the ANO opposition movement to the ÚS.

President Pavel came to visit Poland.

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