Paulo Londra, furious at the criticism he received: "I don’t know what’s on their mind"

Paul London He appears focused on his musical career since he was able to re-release new songs after years of legal dispute with his former producers. However, there are scandals related to his professional life after his separation from Rocio Morenothe mother of his two daughters.

In the last days, the singer made headlines for taking vacations abroad with Martina Quetglas, her new partner, while having a legal dispute with her ex. Given the commotion caused by said trip, the Cordovan decided to come out of silence on his social networks to face criticism.

“Che guacho everything is fine, but no, I don’t know what they have in mind to go around commenting on how I have to spend my days off, with whom, how should I do it”, commented on a series of Instagram stories on his profile. In addition, he added: “If I’m in Los Angeles or I’m traveling it’s because I have to work cool, not because I love it in MiamiI’m big, I have my family”.

“I would like to be at home, watching TV, taking care of things, but I have to work, I have to travel”he explained with discomfort in his defense Paul London. In the same tone, he explained his routine during his trip: “Not every day is videos, one day you make a video, the second day you make a video. The company cannot have three videos ready all in a row, they give you a day off and you have to wait before going back to work. Those days off If you’re working, you enjoy them with whoever you want, however you want, as long as you have a clear conscience that you’re doing your job to bring bread to your home, guacho”.

Finally, he published a text to close the answer he made in which he mentions that he was forced to “accommodate those haters” for the questions that came to him. Paul London he is still musically active, so new songs are expected in the coming weeks.

Paulo Londra’s anger at the criticism he received.

Paulo Londra’s anger at the criticism he received.

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