Paulo Goulart Filho on the death of his parents: “We are just passing through”

Son of Paulo Goulart and Nicette Brunothe actor Paulo Goulart Filho he said that religion helped him accept the departure of his father 一 a cancer victim at 81 一 on his birthday.

“I believe very much in evolution, that we are here in a passing evolutionary process. My father made his for my birthday, I thought it was very beautiful. Today I celebrate twice, my birthday and his return up there”, he said, during participation in the program Sensationalcommanded by Daniela Albuquerqueon RedeTV!.

The choreographer and dancer also revealed that he “felt his father closer” to him after the veteran’s death. He also said that he misses his mother, Nicette Bruno, who died six years later, a victim of Covid-19.

“Shortly after his departure I felt him much more present and close to me. Both him and my mother in life. I got closer to her physically, being more present, because I thought she would have a much harder time accepting his departure after 60 years together,” he commented. About his mother, he was direct: “It was very fast. So it takes a while for the dust to settle, to this day I miss it,” he revealed.

Paulo Goulart Filho started his career as a child, on the now-defunct TV Tupi, and said he did not suffer any pressure to follow his parents’ profession.

“This is funny because my parents always let us [ele e as irmãs Beth Goulart e Bárbara Bruno] very comfortable, free. On the contrary, they had a certain concern, because they knew the difficulties of being an artist in Brazil”, said the actor. “Even, at the time, they did vocational tests to find out what we wanted or not. I did several. It always gave something half human,” he added.

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