Pauline and her family only travel by bus to Huy … but they can’t take it any longer: “We pay € 1,200 for bad service”

Huy bus line 103, from a convention between the City and the TEC and which shuttles between the districts of Saint-Étienne-au-Mont and the Vieux Floricots in Tihange, is what can be described as a family line. Everyone knows everyone to the point of calling the drivers by their first name.

This is also what Pauline Heusghem, 29, and her companion Jérémy Poulain, 34, appreciate. Without a job and with three children in the household, they no longer travel without this mode of transport. They actually resold their car last June. But now, taking the 103 bus on a daily basis and for each trip is sometimes an obstacle course. The vehicle used for this line is indeed regularly Out of order and never replaced.

Pauline and her family express their anger (video)
: “It has already been broken down three times since the start of the school year”

► “They hardly know that there is a line 103”: the couple explains here having filed many complaints

Éric Dosogne, the ff mayor of Huy, sheds light on this situation
: “It’s not a profitable line …”

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